How To Have Courage To Excel At Self-Promotion Without Ego

How To Have Courage To Excel At Self-Promotion Without Ego

How To Have Courage To Excel At Self-Promotion Without Ego

In exploring FEAR this month, we have learned that we cannot have fear without courage, and we cannot have courage without fear.

This means that every time we launch into something new, we get put on the spot, we’re asked to respond in the moment, asked to justify why we think a certain way, or respond to being questioned, we have the OPPORTUNITY to self-promote.

Self-promotion begins with mindset and self-efficacy. Do we BELIEVE that we have what it takes. This does not mean we have all the answers, this means that we trust ourselves to FIND the answers. To find a way forward, to ask for help when needed, to research problems and have a solution focussed approach.

All of these situations and responses can elicit FEAR. Remember, fear is actually False Evidence Appearing Real. In that moment when your heart jumps into your mouth, or your palms get a bit sweaty or your stomach starts to churn, or you’ve just noticed the thoughts in your head have moved from “I’ve got this” to “I don’t have a clue what to do here”, in that moment, realise that you have courage in your back pocket.

It is always there, because of all the things you have mastered, overcome, and risen above, in your life.  You all have resilience, you all have the ability to bounce back from adversity and with each of those experiences, you have been strengthening your resilience muscle. Alongside that resilience muscle also comes higher levels of courage.

Four ways to increase your courage around self-promotion: 

👉Stack your goods – write a list of your accomplishments, achievements and abilities, and then celebrate and savour them!

👉Activate your alignment – when your internal thoughts and self-talk are aligned with your actions and beliefs, you have incredible personal power to use for good.

👉Focus goes, energy flows – whatever ever you focus on, you get drawn into it and either drained or inspired. Your choice is then to either focus on the obstacle or the opportunity.

👉Efficacy unbound – when you consciously practise these four steps, you strengthen each part of your authentic self and burst forth with more self-belief and confidence than ever before. 

When we recognise that FEAR is just an emotion and that we can choose our mindset in response to any situation or set-back, we are not doing this with ego or arrogance. We are unleashing our incredible potential and can excel at promoting ourselves, our skills and expertise with courage, bravery and authenticity.

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