Only 23% of executives in leadership globally are women...

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The number one problem most women have in their lives, is that they don’t feel like they’re good enough.

We coach and train women to understand their strengths so they can go through life with confidence,
and have a powerful impact, on their team and everyone around them.

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We’re Elizabeth and Christine

"When an optimistic woman in her workplace discovers her Authentic Leadership powers, she teams up with other change-makers to liberate her team from the sinister forces of the traditional system." Is this something you want?

We are leadership and performance coaches and facilitators with over five decades of coaching and training experience.

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard is a researcher, health professional and leadership coach. Ms Christine Burns is a former elite athlete, author, and performance coach.

WALT Institute specializes in coaching and training executives, researchers, clinicians and professionals in organizations throughout the world, who struggle with a lack of confidence, compromised productivity, or doubting they have what it takes.

We coach and train people to release their untapped potential and step into their true Authentic power. As a result of what we do, people feel inspired, less stressed, having higher functioning teams, earn more and have the tools to live their lives with resilience and Authenticity to set and achieve their career and life goals.

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Become an
Authentic Leader

We first need to lead ourselves with Authenticity before we can lead

True Happiness

How to develop the state of happiness

Your Resilience

We can train it, grow it and strengthen it– there is always a way!

Manage StressThe Right Way

Engage Willpower To Manage Stress

We work with leaders (formal and informal) across all levels of an organisation and specialise in Authentic Leadership strategies.

Listen to Some of Our Clients' Feedback

Our Happy and Empowered Leaders

Resilient Empowered Authentic Leaders
We work with leaders across all levels in organisations (formal and informal leaders) including all genders and abilities.
I really enjoyed the course both the online component and the 3-day face-to-face workshop.

“The workshop was just a lot more interactive and there were some good practical exercises that I enjoyed. For example I took away lots of tips on exercises including stillness and active mindfulness – that will help me to implement breaks in my very busy life. I think that’s really important according to what I have been taught to prepare myself for that peak performance state. I thought it only applied to sports but in fact for myself to really think clearly and present the version of myself to the team. I really need to be in that state.”

Dr. Jun Yang, MBBS FRACP PhD

Dr. Jun Yang, MBBS FRACP PhD

Research Scientist, Monash Health & Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Thanks for training me to become a confident speaker.

“It has been one of the most valuable knowledge and skills gained through my PhD candidature. I enjoy applying the concepts learned, such as mindfulness practices into academic presentations or all aspects of my life.”

Dr Win Wah PhD

Dr Win Wah PhD

Research Fellow, Monash University
The importance of being in action, not letting resistance and hesitations get in the way.

“It’s given me a lot of tools and information that I can research more and new ways to think and how I can put things into action. Knowing that I have the ability, the resources, and the inner wisdom to do these things with courage, is great. The importance of being in action, not letting resistance and hesitations get in the way, trusting my own gut and my wisdom, the importance of affirmation has been really reinforced for me. Authentic Leadership is not about being a leader as the official title but leading your own life.”

Jen Haddon

Jen Haddon

Occupational Therapist, MidCentral Health
Thank you for helping to teach me that being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a form of incredible strength.

“Undertaking Authentic Leadership training with WALT Institute has been incredibly beneficial. Christine and Elizabeth provided the tools for implementing strategies to make positive changes, working towards both professional and personal growth. The engaging and supportive environment generated during the workshop provided the necessary push to critically evaluate my priorities and implement strategies based on choosing to do things differently. The most important message was learning that taking the time to implement strategies to set yourself up for success is crucial to be at your best to lead authentically and have a greater positive influence on the wider community.”

Dr. Erin McGillick

Dr. Erin McGillick

PhD Research Fellow, Hudson Institute of Medical Research
I learnt its important to take action when I’m struggling with things.

“I learned it’s important to take action when I’m struggling with things, and that sitting around and overthinking my problems doesn’t always help me and so when I’m struggling I need to talk to someone about it, and do something, even just something small which makes me feel in control of my life and the situation I am in… I really liked this workshop because even though it’s helping me with my Ph.D., I really think the takeaway messages can be applied to so many aspects of life; relationships, career, health.”

Dr. Jess Chadderton

Dr. Jess Chadderton

Impact Fellow at Health Transformation Lab RMIT
Each module of the program left me eager for the next.

“The program offered me achievable and sustainable personal change that opened my mind to a different way of perceiving life’s challenges. It is through our internal response to challenging situations that we have the most control, both within the workplace and personal life. Christine and Elizabeth are vibrant, enthusiastic leaders. Each module of the program left me eager for the next as I incorporated new strategies into my day to day working and personal worlds.”

Sandra Robinson

Sandra Robinson

Research Officer, Monash University

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