Who are we?

Elizabeth and Christine are experienced leadership facilitators and game changers with over four decades of coaching and training experience. Elizabeth is a health professional, researcher and leadership coach, Christine is a former elite athlete, educator and performance coach. WALT Institute specialises in coaching and training people in STEM throughout the world, who struggle with lack of confidence, compromised productivity, or not believing they have what it takes. We coach and train people to release their untapped potential and step into their true authentic power. As a result of what we do people feel inspired, less stressed and determined to live their lives with resilience and authenticity to achieve their career, and life goals.

Some of the lives we've impacted

Resilient Empowered Authentic Leaders

Thanks for training me to become a confident speaker.

Win Wah

Win Wah

PhD Candidate, Monash University

The importance of being in action, not letting resistance and hesitations get in the way.

Jen Haddon

Jen Haddon

Occupational Therapist, MidCentral Health

Thank you for helping to teach me that being vulnerable isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a form of incredible strength.

Dr. Erin McGillick

Dr. Erin McGillick

PhD Research Fellow, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

I learnt its important to take action when I’m struggling with things.

Dr. Jess Chadderton

Dr. Jess Chadderton

Impact Fellow at Health Transformation Lab RMIT

Training + More

We are constantly creating and designing resources and programs to enhance your Authentic Leadership. Online modules, face-to-face training, coaching, Authentic Leadership community. Join us now!

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