The 6 Steps to S.A.N.I.T.Y.

From Stress To S.A.N.I.T.Y.

There is a way!
When we work in high demanding roles, juggling the complexities of multiple responsibilities, often the stress of the situation can creep up on us. Then one day something goes wrong! It may be a health complaint, a relationship strain, burnout or some other negative response.

Whether we look at the latest research into gender equity and stress, or whether we explore the physiological and psychological impacts of stress in the world of science – we need to address this topic to prevent it becoming an epidemic of highest proportions.

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How can we turn it around?

The six steps to S.A.N.I.T.Y. are based on these evidence-based interventions:

  1. Scan and notice: Take a pause to honestly look at the reality of the situation
  2. As-is: Build effective methods of calling the situation ‘As-is’
  3. New ways: Plan and do New ways to handle stress
  4. Instigate new habits: New ways of thinking, reacting and being at times of stress
  5. Think differently: Create different phrases and responses that you say to yourself and others
  6. You are worth it: Embed the fact that You are worth finding a way to perceive stress more effectively.

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I really enjoyed the course both the online component and the 3-day face-to-face workshop.

“The workshop was just a lot more interactive and there were some good practical exercises that I enjoyed. For example I took away lots of tips on exercises including stillness and active mindfulness – that will help me to implement breaks in my very busy life. I think that’s really important according to what I have been taught to prepare myself for that peak performance state. I thought it only applied to sports but in fact for myself to really think clearly and present the version of myself to the team. I really need to be in that state.”

Dr. Jun Yang, MBBS FRACP PhD

Dr. Jun Yang, MBBS FRACP PhD

Research Scientist, Monash Health & Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Thanks for training me to become a confident speaker.

“It has been one of the most valuable knowledge and skills gained through my PhD candidature. I enjoy applying the concepts learned, such as mindfulness practices into academic presentations or all aspects of my life.”

Dr Win Wah PhD

Dr Win Wah PhD

Research Fellow, Monash University
The importance of being in action, not letting resistance and hesitations get in the way.

“It’s given me a lot of tools and information that I can research more and new ways to think and how I can put things into action. Knowing that I have the ability, the resources, and the inner wisdom to do these things with courage, is great. The importance of being in action, not letting resistance and hesitations get in the way, trusting my own gut and my wisdom, the importance of affirmation has been really reinforced for me. Authentic Leadership is not about being a leader as the official title but leading your own life.”

Jen Haddon

Jen Haddon

Occupational Therapist, MidCentral Health