Dr Elizabeth Pritchard

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard is a leading keynote speaker, author, leadership coach and facilitator who specialises in cultivating Authentic Leadership with individuals and teams. With a former career as an occupational therapist and achieving her PhD in 3 years, Elizabeth uses her research expertise to understand the psychology of leadership and create lasting change with women executives across the world.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is Co-founder of the WALT Institute where she teaches Authentic Leadership strategies that promotes self-awareness, self-regulation, social intelligence, psychological capital, and agency.

Growing up in New Zealand as the youngest of nine, she suffered bullying, sexual abuse and never felt like she fitted in. Her story shows how anyone can triumph over adversity, deep pain, and limiting beliefs to rise up and step into their own power with authenticity.

She is renowned for her ability to empower women to believe in themselves, accomplish greatness, get the roles they deserve and stand out from the crowd. Her articles have been published in international academic journals, American Reporter, Yahoo finance, Medium, London Daily Post, California Herald, and Thrive Global, and presenting and inspiring audiences at international conferences and trainings.

Speaking Topics

The following are some examples of Elizabeth’s topics, however she expertly works with you to create a custom training or presentation on request.

Cultivating Women Authentic Leaders

  • We are all leaders – it is not only about our roles
  • Regulating emotions with power versus being emotional
  • Self-promotion with cringing

Resetting Work and Personal Boundaries For Less Stress

  • If we do not set boundaries, we will exist in stress
  • It takes confidence to set boundaries without guilt
  • Boundaries enhance not jeopardize your career

Powerful Mindset Shifts For Self-Efficacy

  • Self-talk and self-efficacy
  • Moving from scarcity to an abundance mindset
  • Believing in yourself is not arrogance

Organisations We've Worked With

Places Elizabeth has Spoken

  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2022-2023). Women In Leadership League, ANSTO, Sydney Australia (workshop series).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2022). Creating collaborative, Inclusive Teams That Trust Each Other, Agilent, Melbourne Australia (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2022). What It Take To Have A Clear And Concise Pathway Forward In Your Career. Auckland University Post Doc Society, New Zealand (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2022). How To Bust Through High Levels Of Stress For Successful Careers. Auckland University Post Doc Society, New Zealand (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2022). How To Do Self Promotion And BE More Confident, Women in Science, UWA (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2021). Prevent Burnout – Promote Positive Mental Health, Australian Academy of Science (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2020). Boosting resilience in Health, Australian Nursing Council (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2020). Prevent Burnout – Promote Positive Mental Health, Australian Nursing Council (workshop).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2020). Resilient Empowered Occupational Therapists. Eastern Health (invited speakers).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2019). Stress, Sanity and Leadership DOHaD Congress (invited workshop speakers).
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2018). Flourish With Resilience In Science. The Peter Doherty Institute. (Invited speakers)
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2018). How to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE in life and career. University of Melbourne workshop (invited speakers).
  • Pritchard, E. (2018). Creating an emergent model from qualitative data. Qualitative Showcase Monash University. (Oral)
  • Pritchard, E., Fisher, C., & Withiel, T. (2018).  APS College of Clinical Neuropsychologists Conference, Brisbane Australia. (Oral)
  • Pritchard, E., & Burns, C. (2017). How to create flourishing resilience in life and work: A practical workshop. Paper presented at the Occupational Therapy Australia 27th National Conference and Exhibition, Perth, Australia. (Workshop)
  • Pritchard, E. (2016). Be Yourself: Leading with authenticity. Occupational Therapy Clinical Workshops
  • Te Papa – Wellington – September – Keynote Speaker.

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