How To Be Unstoppable: Courage To Make A Difference

How To Be Unstoppable: Courage To Make A Difference

How To Be Unstoppable: Courage To Make A Difference

In this month of exploring Bravery, Courage and Fear, today we delve into the reasons to be brave, courageous and fearless!

Why be fearless?

To make a difference. 

To create incredible opportunities 

To get to live and work on the cutting edge

To leave a legacy

To impact future generations for good.

If we allow ourselves to stay in the negative thinking of oppression, not being heard, comparison, feeling less than, fear of failure or fear of success, then we will not reach the heights of possibilities and potential each one of us has.

Every single one of you reading this today, is here for a magnificent reason. You have beaten the odds already. You are the product of a one in four trillion chance of being on this planet today. How incredible is that!

How inspiring, reaffirming and validating is that statistic? This is where we get to recognise how incredible we are (it’s about who we BE not what we DO), how everything to this time (both attributed with the labels of good and bad) has given us the strength, the resilience, the experiences of who we are today. 

When we realise that we are worthy, incredible and amazing, as we are in this moment, then we become brave, courageous and fearless.

Fearless of the next moment because we KNOW we can get through it. Fearless of the past moments, because we HAVE gotten through them. Fearless of the future unknowns, because we have trained ourselves to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and if we notice any signs of FEAR (Remember: False Evidence Appearing Real), then we stack up the things we have already come through, recognise it as just feedback of something unknown, and we turn and face it head on.

Fear is an emotion. Emotions are just feedback. Then we get to choose our response!

Let’s have the courage to make a difference. To know what our values are. Know what we stand for and what we stand against. Know what our innate strengths are and how to use them every day. Know how to ask for help. Know how to admit mistakes. Know how to gather incredible people around us who help show us as our best selves, and know how to choose people who shine the light on the road ahead so that we can learn from their mistakes.

When we have this deep seated knowing (not just head knowledge), we are armed with the techniques to BE courageous and make a difference!

We don’t have to wait until: we know more, have more experience, have a different job, more time, more money, different opportunities. The time is NOW!

Be courageous and make a difference!

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