Christine Burns

Christine Burns is a New Zealand-born lecturer, author, and performance coach. She inspires people to take action, stand up for what they believe in and not get stuck in the trivia of life.

About Christine

With a solid achievement in sport, Christine represented New Zealand in indoor hockey and graduated with expertise in psychology, sport psychology, exercise science and business management. Through sport, she learned resilience and tenacity which helped her overcome a cancer diagnosis in 2016.

She is a dynamic and engaging presenter who will have you experiencing moments of joy and enlightenment. As an author, she has published articles in American Reporter, Yahoo finance, Medium, London Daily Post, California Herald, and Thrive Global and is currently authoring a book on cultivating authentic resilience.

As the co-founder of WALT Institute, she teaches people how to rise to any challenge, overcome the tough times and bounce forward with limitless possibilities.

Speaking Topics

3 Fundamentals Of Authentic Leadership In Changing Times

  • The importance of focusing on our people
  • Why pivoting towards people’s strengths is the key
  • Character, integrity and substance is the future!

Rebel Talented Leaders

(“It’s not rebel leaders that create trouble, but trouble that creates rebel leaders” Ruth Messinger

  • Success occurs when we ignite our Rebel Talents
  • Question the status quo, it is your right.
  • Your Rebel Talents = Novelty, curiosity, authenticity, and diversity

Cultivating Leadership Impact

  • How to bring your BEST self forward each day
  • Lead like a pirate! (teamwork, diversity, openness)
  • Transform the way we do Leadership in STEMM

Christine is also happy to develop a Bespoke message tailored to your audience or team.

Organisations We've Worked With

Places Christine has Spoken

  • Burns, C. , & Pritchard, E. (2020). Boosting resilience in Health, Australian Nursing Council (workshop).
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E. (2020). Prevent Burnout – Promote Positive Mental Health, Australian Nursing Council (workshop).
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E. (2020). Resilient Empowered Occupational Therapists. Eastern Health (invited speakers).
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E. (2019). Stress, sanity and leadership – leading ourselves and then others. New Zealand Occupational Therapy-Whakaora Ngangahau Aotearoa Conference, Auckland September. (Workshop)
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E. (2019). Work Wellbeing: Create an environment to thrive! Safer Care Victoria (invited speakers).
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E. (2019). Stress, Sanity and Leadership DOHaD Congress (invited workshop speakers)
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E.(2018). Flourish With Resilience In Science. The Peter Doherty Institute. (Invited speakers)
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E.(2018). How to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE in life and career. University of Melbourne workshop (invited speakers).
  • Burns, C., & Pritchard, E. (2017). How to create flourishing resilience in life and work: A practical workshop. Paper presented at the Occupational Therapy Australia 27th National Conference and Exhibition, Perth, Australia. (Workshop)

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