It’s Not Fear That Holds Us Back, It’s The Constant Need To Fight It!

It’s Not Fear That Holds Us Back, It’s The Constant Need To Fight It!

It’s Not Fear That Holds Us Back, It’s The Constant Need To Fight It!

Fear is not the problem. Fear wants to keep you safe and secure. However, it is the bowing down to fear, letting it control our choices, allowing it to take over; that’s the problem!

We all experience fear, whether it be acute or chronic, however there is a way through this.

If we allow fear to use us, to take over our life, to discourage our boldness and swamp us with mediocrity, it snuffs out the fire inside our belly. It destroys our potential for greatness. And if we allow fear to become chronic, it makes us fragile!

Fear will create a weakness so immense that we become too afraid to unleash our true potential. 

Living in fear causes a double conundrum for many people in STEMM. This is because they are frustrated at the norms of the status quo and want to change it, but are too afraid to pursue anything different for fear of saying the wrong thing, fear of losing their job, fear of failing, fear of having success, fear of… (add your own fears).

Fear wants to keep you small and fit in. 

BUT, greatness, success and triumph can be found. These are discovered beyond the comfort zone, beyond the prison of mediocrity, and well beyond the predictable beige realms of a riskless existence. 


“The fears we don’t face become our limits.” 

~Robin Sharma~

There is a way to stop living in fear. 

There is a way to harness your fear and use it to your advantage.

When the fear is rising inside of you, do the following: 

👉Take control. 

👉Notice what your fear is about. 

👉Turn and face it. 

👉Acknowledge it. 

👉Step into it.

You must take control of your mindset to de-escalate the rising torrent of terrifying thoughts. Then notice what your fear is about. Become acutely aware of what the ‘fearful thoughts or information’ are wanting to tell you. Turn and face the ‘information’, look at it fair and square in the eyes, see it for what it truly is. 

Acknowledge its presence rather than fight it, name it for what it really is. Recognise the actual size of it as opposed to catastrophising it. Be unquestionably deliberate in your choice of affirming or supportive thoughts, then take the action and step into it. Take action with courage. As we have learned previously this month you cannot have courage without fear, and you cannot have fear without courage.

We all know that the antidote to fear is taking courageous action.    

Our fears are not what holds us back. It is our response. Our need to battle. Our need to stay in the fear and fight with it. That is what holds us back. 

Take charge of your fears with courageous action and unleash your true potential for greatness!

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