How To Manage Stress

There is a way to manage stress more effectively. To re-frame the things that trip us up, to boost our resilience to adversity, to regain more energy, and feel more in control of our life and situations; regardless of what this might be.

We teach and coach the principles of managing stress more Authentically, through being able to pause, check in, call it as is, and them implement simple, proven strategies that make a huge difference.

Stress is often a word that we ‘dump’ many things into.  It becomes a general term for a wide continuum of emotions and intensity. When we are able to take a step back from our response to a situation (what we often label as ‘stress’), we can then begin to see with more clarity, think more creatively and identify possible solutions for a way forward.

We cannot control the situation but we can control our response!

“Stress is a primal physiological response to danger eventuating in a fight, flee or freeze response (Lazarus, 1984). This is a natural survival mechanism, however if we continually experience repeated stressful situations, this can endanger…”

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