Time Is The Most Precious Commodity. Or Is It?

Time Is The Most Precious Commodity. Or Is It?

Time Is The Most Precious Commodity. Or Is It?

In this month of exploring the subject of ‘time’ let’s be curious around our beliefs around this term and the meaning and importance we place upon it.



Recently I (Elizabeth) was talking with someone in Canada and he kept stating that “time is our most precious commodity”. 



But is it?

What about Health?  What about mind and intelligence? What about having an infinite mindset? Maybe there are other things in our day that are just as much, or even more important than time, however we often give our FULL attention to the Newtonian concept of time.



The finiteness of it, the 24-hour clock, the being late, the not having enough, the lack, the scarcity.



One of the most important things I have learned about time, is NEVER to take it for granted. To always go into any activity; whether it is to push through something, to speed up, or to pull back and ease off; consciously, purposefully and intentionally.



When I do this, I respect the moment. I respect the person I am with, I respect the task I choose to be involved with and I take back my own level of control over “time”.

Remember, either we control our time or it controls us!





This invaluable lesson I learned very pointedly and rather dramatically when my beautiful brother Philip died at age 55 years. So young, so vibrant, so full of life. And then… it was over. Time on this planet for him was over. From that moment on, I committed to living consciously in my life. To not buying into the BS of “I don’t have enough time”, to never moan about ‘not having enough time’ and to ALWAYS appreciate every breath I get to take and the priorities I choose to fit into each moment.

So where are our priorities? As Christine has discussed earlier this month, it is not about “time” management of those 86,400 seconds, it is about priority management.



We always get done what we prioritise. Let’s just pause and think about that for a moment. If you go without your lunchbreak, this is because you are not prioritising a lunch break. If you go without exercise, this is because you don’t prioritise your exercise, if you go without finishing that mundane task you hate, it is because you don’t prioritise that task.

No judgement, just FACTS! We get done what we prioritise.



Time is such a precious commodity, are we spending it or making more of it, by choosing what we engage in and how we do it. When we are being present, we are able to fully engage in a task and the time appears to stand still. We feel like nothing else matters and we experience the most incredible slowness of passing of time. What a gift. Enjoying the moments in each day, setting ourselves up for health, wealth, happiness and fulfilment.

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