Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership is...

Understanding who you are as an Authentic person, being self-aware, with high levels of resilience, self-confidence, self-regulation, and innovation; Being able to lead yourself and others with compassion and vulnerability.

Being authentic is about truth, honesty, alignment with your values and congruence with your purpose.

To become an Authentic Leader an individual must delve inwards seeking to discover the inner workings of their thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. As the individual learns more about themselves (self- awareness), how they respond and act in any situation (self-regulation), they begin to develop a mastery of their authentic self.

We are ALL Leaders of ourselves and others!

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Components of Authentic Leadership

  • Self-awareness – Awareness of self and one’s emotions and responses
  • Self-regulation – Ability to regulate own emotional state and behaviour to other people’s responses
  • Psychological capital
    • Hope – Identifying and working towards positive future oriented goals
    • Efficacy – confidence in one’s ability that they can achieve a specific goal within a certain situation
    • Resilience – having the ability to adapt and bounce forward (not just back) from adversity or set-backs
    • Optimism – belief that we can change our attitudes and behaviours to determine a positive outcome
  • Agency – Ability to put ideas and concepts into action and make them happen
Authentic Leadership is based on individual strengths and innovative solutions rather than focusing on problems or limitations. It is leading yourself and others with high-level skills of recognising and transforming thoughts, emotions and responses (starting with your own).

The term Authenticity refers to congruency of actions with inner thoughts and values. The ability to be an Authentic Leader is not created from traditional leadership models of one-size-fits all. Leading with authenticity is about owning personal experiences (positive and negative), being confident, standing in your own power (self- efficacy), managing levels of distress, and implementing strategies to bounce forward from adversity with Authentic resilience.

Our coaching and training is based on over 3 decades of evidence from positive psychology and the science of happiness and subjective-wellbeing.

Undertaking Authentic Leadership training with WALT Institute has been incredibly beneficial. Christine and Elizabeth provided the tools for implementing the strategies to make positive changes, working towards both professional and personal growth. The engaging and supportive environment generated during the workshop provided the necessary push to critically evaluate my priorities and implement strategies based on choosing to do things differently. The most important message was learning that taking time to implement strategies to set yourself up for success is crucial to be at your best to lead authentically and have a greater positive influence on the wider community.
Dr. Erin McGillick

Dr. Erin McGillick

Research Fellow The Ritchie Centre, Hudson Institute of Medical Research
Thank you so much for this amazing program! You’ve helped me through a tough time, and there is no more going back, only bouncing forwards!

Huge shout-out to the @WALTInstitute for putting on a fantastic online boot camp “Boost Your Resilience”!
I learned so much from them and learned heaps of new strategies for managing stress, dealing with stressful situations, building self-confidence, and preventing procrastination.
Amy Wooldridge

Amy Wooldridge