Why Your Success Is Directly Related To Your Meaning & Purpose In Life

Why Your Success Is Directly Related To Your Meaning & Purpose In Life

Why Your Success Is Directly Related To Your Meaning & Purpose In Life

Spirituality is not religiosity, it is not ethnicity, it is not about living in the spiritual realm and ignoring the actual realness of your day-to-day life. 

Every person has spirituality. It’s the thing that moves you or encourages you to express your inner energy. Every person whether we recognise it or not, expresses their spirituality in their public and private lives. 

It is a part of who you are. It is a part of who you Authentically BE. Each of us has spirituality woven into and expressed through every thought, feeling, and action we have in our lifetime. Even if we don’t recognise it. This is about meaning beyond self, the pathway to success and contributing to humanity and leaving a legacy.

A lack of success occurs when our self-identity is heavily entrenched only in what we DO and not who we BE. This sets up the behaviours of comparing, competition, and conflict.

When our competitive human nature is combined with a lack of spirituality it propels us into the rat race of never-ending pressure resulting in overwhelm, burnout, a loss of self-identity, and living a life with no meaning beyond our job roles. This leaves us frustrated and unfulfilled.


This spiritual crisis is when we have very little to no drive, poor motivation or lack of inspiration within us to look or go beyond ourselves. 

When we turn our focus outward onto things bigger than ourselves and find a sense of meaning and purpose in our life beyond self or ego, then we will notice a boost in self-esteem, a strengthening of character and an awareness of contribution to the greater good. 

When we have meaning beyond ourselves, whether it be as a member of a club, a group, family, as a volunteer, among friends, a faith or a belief, we are positioning ourselves to receive many personal, career focussed and societal benefits. 

When you invest in meaning beyond yourself, spiritual awareness, or a purpose in life that is beyond your own existence, you will be much more fulfilled, successful, healthier, happier, and have the capacity to earn more money and experience freedom. You will be more compassionate to yourself and those around you. You will form stronger relationships with others. You will gain so much more satisfaction and success in life. 

When you are aware of your spirituality you will flourish!


When we engage in meaning beyond ourselves and have a spiritual awareness, we have a broader perspective of life that allows for greater opportunities to come our way. We are able to see opportunities not obstacles. We are able to engage in our daily activities with less stress, more focus and a stronger sense of creativity. 

Absolute true growth occurs when we reach beyond ourselves!

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