Why the Powerful Challenge of Intellect Versus Impact

Why the Powerful Challenge of Intellect Versus Impact

Why the Powerful Challenge of Intellect Versus Impact

One of the reasons why we love working with you is because of the amazing things that we see you doing. The cutting edge technology that you bring to the world, the machines you create to detect cancer in the early stages, the stem cells that regrow parts of our body, the robotics that can substitute for lost limbs, the vaccines that will eradicate animal disease. 

All of these advances in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine that surge our world to a different place because of your intellect, your passion and dedication.

But do you have personal impact as well?


Impact is the thing that determines your career advancement. Impact is where you are recognised for your contribution – not in an egotistical or arrogant way, but in a way that determines your ongoing career opportunities, your selection to receive grant monies, and your ability to choose what projects you want to be involved in.

To have impact, we need to have efficacy, be able to set effective boundaries and manage our stress levels, so that we spend more time in eustress (positive stress) and less time in distress.

Many of the clients we work with in small groups or one-on-ones are super high achievers, yet still struggling with setting boundaries around their work hours, work tasks, time, self and relationships – and experience high levels of stress. 

As humans we are so skilled at problem solving, rationalising solutions, and creating a way forward, that we frequently forget about saying no, not this time, or unable to do this until next week.

And ultimately all of these things affect your impact.

When we have boundaries in place, people respect us more. When we have boundaries in place and let go of any guilt, shame, judgement or remorse, then we are free to pursue more of our passion and dedication.

It is when we let the intellectual side of our whole self, take over, that we find an imbalance in our lives, which leads to increased stress, overwhelm and burnout.

If you want to find out how to create more impact, set yourself up to earn more through career progression, and be recognised for YOUR contribution in STEMM then you need to be in our 5day FREE challenge.

We will be giving you free daily trainings on how to set boundaries without the guilt and worry, how to recognise those niggly habits that are holding you back, and how to change them around so that you can progress more in your career and have more impact without the stress.

5-Day Challenge

It starts on Tuesday 13th April 2021 in our Closed Facebook Group and we are so excited to bring this to you. This challenge is at a whole new level and a culmination of the learning that we have personally done over the last 6 months with our coaches as well. 

We cannot have an impact without continuing to learn and grow, set boundaries around the tough things and create more ease and flow, and we can show you how.  

So join our Closed Facebook Group now by clicking this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/leadingwithwaltinstitute, put your name in the post that says “I’m In”, and learn how you can make even greater impact in your career and also life with 5 days of training, fun and support!

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