6 Ways To Boost Engagement And Productivity

6 Ways To Boost Engagement And Productivity

6 Ways To Boost Engagement And Productivity

Last week we began the exploration of P.E.R.M.A. as coined by Martin Seligman and his team in exploring the vital components that contribute to happiness and wellbeing. These components are Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment.

Today we are looking at the Engagement component and how we can enhance this, grow and develop this with strength and authenticity so that we can thrive and flourish in our careers as well as our lives.

Let’s face it, we are one human being – not two or six different entities, so in order to fully engage in anything that we set our minds to, we need to bring our whole Authentic self to the situation or scenario.

This is often a challenge for many people in STEMM where we have been indoctrinated with the concepts of compartmentalising ourselves, our personality, our skills and our strengths.

This (yes, I’m going to say it) is BS! 

In all the explanations of this word that we know: Belief Systems, Blind Spots and Bull SH*#.


When we believe we have to be and act a certain way in different scenarios we are creating inner conflict, increasing stress and decreasing our potential to fully engage in the moment. 

Engagement is defined by Seligman as “being one with the music, time stopping, and the loss of self-consciousness during an absorbing activity” (2012). This is about being in flow, in the zone, totally absorbed in a task or situation where time seems to stop. It is effortless to be involved, and has just the right amount of demand and stretch that keeps us fully engaged without being spent.

We need to have these times EVERY day – and when we are compartmentalising, ‘trying’ to be one way in one situation and another in the next, we are decreasing the possibility of being able to experience this incredible level of engagement.


So how do we increase the possibility of experiencing this level of flow and engagement more often?

  1. We stop segmenting ourselves, and become one whole Authentic Self in every situation
  2. We take time out to identify what really spins our wheels, and prioritise moments in the day for these activities
  3. We recognise that we are SO IMPORTANT that we prioritise ourselves at least once a day, to engage in these activities where we can experience flow
  4. We savour the moment – truly sit in it for even a few minutes. To feel the goodness, experience the gratitude, and recognise our accomplishments each day
  5. We spend time in nature each day – listen to the birds, feel the wind, rain or sunshine on our faces for 2-5 minutes
  6. We begin identifying our innate strengths and use them daily in a more intentional way.

Engagement in life is a choice.  

We can choose to be distant and driven by external factors and therefore not experience true fulfilment of engagement, or we can begin to take our power back and create more of these times each day.

Start small – for just 11 minutes a day – and the ripple effect onto your happiness and wellbeing will explode!

Struggling with this concept?

We are happy to help you sort this through – book a 15minute call to chat through possibilities. 

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