Why You MUST Stop Putting Yourself In A Box!

Why You MUST Stop Putting Yourself In A Box!

Why You MUST Stop Putting Yourself In A Box!

I remember when my Mum would say to me, ‘So if they all jumped off a cliff would you follow them?’ Straight away I’d answer with an outright loud NO! She’d say ‘well then do what it is that makes you happy or do what it is that YOU need to, to get where you want’. 

This is it folks. Stop following the crowd. Stop conforming and putting yourself into the common box. Who says they are right? 

Are they all the same as you? No!

Do they all have the same desires, wants and needs as YOU?  No!

As human beings, we like to belong. We want to feel accepted by a group, or be included in the collective. So, when we fit into the box that says ‘these types of people are welcome here’ we see it as an opportunity to be safe, to feel secure, to be part of the group and gain a sense of belonging. 

Taking this pathway is also the easy way through life. It’s the path of least resistance. It’s not where the magic happens, but it is the easy one. 


We often believe it’s easier to say any of the following statements, than to take a stand, change our actions, change our beliefs and admit a few failed attempts before we experience success. 

Do you hear yourself say any of these? 

‘yeah but that’s me’, ‘that’s what always happens to me’, ‘that’s the way it is’, ‘yeah but I’m… (a perfectionist, a procrastinator, unlucky, not good at…)’

When we repeat any of these types of statements, we are confirming to ourselves that’s the appropriate box for us to be in or stay in. 

For example: There’s the shy box, so I can’t network. There’s the lazy box, so I never carry through with things. There’s the female box, so I’ll never get a decent promotion. There’s the imposter box, so that I don’t give it a go. There’s the … box, so I need to fit into it!


We may even accept the statements from others who attempt to put us down, intimidate us or want to feel bigger or more important than us. This is the way many people work to feel good about themselves, boost their own lack of confidence or increase their lack of self-belief. 

NB: the person opening or closing the box for you and putting you in the there… is YOU! 

Other people will always have opinions of you, what you do, how you do it, and why you do But as Lisa Nichols says, “other people’s opinions are none of my business”.

Answer this: Are they you? 

NO! They are not you. You are you! 

In the wise words of Dr Suess, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

You are you. In all your wonder, your talents, your skills, your quirks and your unique behaviours. You have so many gifts to share. You have so many amazing messages to impart across the world. You MUST BE YOU to do that. 

Every one of us has a special gift to share. We just have to delve deep inside, find that gift and then go share it, like we mean it. 

Yes, easier said than done. Not impossible though, if you really want to live a life without any boxes. 

Imagine this: There aren’t any boxes anyway!!!!

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