Why Self-acceptance Is The Key To Your Career Success

Why Self-acceptance Is The Key To Your Career Success

Why Self-acceptance Is The Key To Your Career Success

No matter what title we have, what roles we play, or how incredible the things are that we DO, we can struggle with low levels of self-acceptance.

This is relating to the shadow self, which is this month’s topic. If you missed the first blog about this for context, click HERE.

Our shadow self, may at first glance appear scary to explore, and we may be in the place where there are many weaknesses and limitations that we perceive as flaws and therefore, we reject these as being part of our awesome self.  We either “try” to hide them, ignore them, or not even realise they are there.

Self-acceptance is about just that – accepting self.  All of self.  Not just the things we like about ourselves, but also the things we may find a bit challenging.

We cannot be an open Authentic Leader in every situation until we consciously and purposefully make the decision and commit to following through, with accepting ALL OF SELF.

When we do, we are then able to live “above the line”. Not diving into shame, blame, judgment, apologies, and accusations (of self or others), but we are able to constantly live “above the line” where we take accountability, ownership, and responsibility for every thought, feeling, and action.

When we accept our whole self, we liberate ourselves from judgment, from not feeling good enough, or not feeling worthy, and we release the Bullsh** Rules (known as Brules by Vishen Lakhiani) that our life has been governed by in the past.

When we embrace the FACT that we are who we are in this moment, and in this moment, everything is just perfect, then we release the pressures we hold ourselves to, release the blame for not meeting a deadline, or messing up, or missing something, and we flow through life with so much more ease and grace.

If you want to find a way to have more energy, satisfaction, and quality in your life – ACCEPT ALL OF YOUR SELF.

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