Your Communication In STEM Will Always Get Better When You Follow This Rule

Your Communication In STEM Will Always Get Better When You Follow This Rule

Your Communication In STEM Will Always Get Better When You Follow This Rule

This ‘rule’ is extremely simple. Yet not many people I’ve met know it, or if they know it, they just don’t follow through with it. 

Maybe because it sounds too simple. Maybe because they don’t want to. Or maybe it’s because it sounds really challenging and they aren’t willing to go there.

When you embrace this ‘rule’ and follow through with it, consistently, you are setting yourself up to master the art of communication in STEM. When you are mastering this ‘rule’ you are setting yourself up to increase every level of performance in not only your career, but also your life!

Many people just believe that if they “communicate properly” (whatever that actually means!) then they will get by and life will be good. 

However, as we are mastering this ‘rule’ and taking consistent daily action aligned with it, our communication in STEM will get much better and so will our level of performance. 

You see the challenges around this ‘rule’ is that most people say ‘yeah I KNOW that’ and that’s where their life remains. The flow on effect is that they stay stuck and continue repeating the same mistakes with their communication. 

These people keep saying they KNOW it, but don’t DO anything about it. They KNOW what they need to do, but they keep waiting for miracles of a different outcome and repeat the same bullsh*t day after day AND get the same mediocre results. 

Knowing and following through with consistent daily action, holding themselves accountable for their outcomes, and facing up to the truth of their own mindset is all too hard. So, they look for the easy solution and continue blaming others, running off looking for the next fad or just saying it’s all too hard avoid doing the work. 

Don’t be that person!

So, what is this ‘rule’ you ask? It’s stupidly simple! Even as far back as the days of Socrates this was the message given to people.

“Know Thyself!”

Simple right?! I know you just said ‘it can’t be that simple’. It is. 

The most important part of communication is to ‘know thyself’. Following this ‘rule’ empowers you to know who you truly are. You get to know your true Authentic self. You become aware of your strengths, your limiting beliefs, your responses and reactions in the good times, the tough times and everything in between. Knowing thyself is the ultimate component to strengthening confidence, empowering your resilience and enhancing your own communication to accomplish greatness in STEM.

 Do you know what you actually sound like? 

Do you know the language, words, and intentions of your message? 

Are you aware of the impact your language and wording are having on you and your performance, before we even look at the impact on others? 

Mastering the art of ‘knowing thyself’ will give you the ultimate edge over those who do not know their true Authentic self. 

I shall leave you with two perplexities before you begin mastering the art of knowing yourself: 

👉 We don’t know what we don’t know. 

👉 There is a massive difference between knowing and following through with consistent daily action. 

Your communication skills will definitely get better when you follow this ‘rule’ of Knowing Thyself

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