Why Changing The System Is Easier Than I First Thought

Why Changing The System Is Easier Than I First Thought

Why Changing The System Is Easier Than I First Thought

If you want the system to change, you must change your own system first! 




Now stick with me. 


And let me explain further…




When I say change your own system, I’m referring to your belief system. 


A belief is: the story or statement we tell ourselves about who we are, over and over and over again.  


For example, so many people have the belief that to be confident and have confidence, means to be arrogant.  WRONG! 


To be confident allows you to enjoy freedom. To be confident cultivates a life of safety and security. To be confident creates a life of greatness. 


People also believe that to ask questions, will only show that you are ‘dumb’ or you don’t know something. WRONG! 


Asking questions creates opportunities for you in a way that you won’t know until you ask questions. Asking questions allows you to connect with people and receive so much more.

So many people think that their life is just the way it is and they cannot change anything. They buy into the limiting belief that ‘things are just always hard for them’ or ‘they are an imposter and that’s the way it is’ or ‘they never have enough time’ or ‘they have had all this bad stuff happen in their life so will never be able to achieve more’ or ‘they could never do that’, or… whatever that belief is that holds you back, and stops you from accomplishing great things. 


Whatever the story is that we keep telling ourselves, then we are correct! It will happen because we keep creating it.


Our beliefs have the potential to limit or liberate, our potential.

You can change your beliefs! 


To upgrade our belief system, we must begin with our inner monologue and craft the statements into ones that will serve us to accomplish great things. 


Instead of ‘I could never do that’ you change it up to ‘I’m learning how to …’. Different energy right there isn’t it?


Instead of ‘I never have enough time’ change it up to ‘I am prioritising the things that matter to me most’. Instead of ‘the system is broken and needs fixing’ change it up to ‘I am cultivating my own strong system to influence the bigger system’.


Change your beliefs and you’ll change your life. Change your internal system and you’ll notice changes in the external system.

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