Why Breaking The Rules Helps You Be More Innovative?

Why Breaking The Rules Helps You Be More Innovative?

Why Breaking The Rules Helps You Be More Innovative?

Guess who is more innovative than the average person…  

The one who unleashes their Rebel Talent, that’s who!!!

Now this person is NOT A REBELLIOUS PERSON. That’s called ego! (And that my friends, is a whole other topic in itself). 

Today is about unleashing your Rebel Talents to ignite your innovation! 

Come with me… this is remarkably exciting and can be life changing.

The one’s who unleash their Rebel Talents are willing to push the boundaries. They ask the questions that other people are thinking but are often too scared to ask. They will question the status quo, get comfortable being uncomfortable and learn quickly from their mistakes. 

Now this is not just some annoying rule breaker or anarchist. This is an individual who is very self-aware, can self-regulate in any situation, and has a deep understanding of who they truly are! 

Are you finding this a little disruptive?

Are you feeling a little uncomfortable? 

Are you thinking ‘I could never do that’?

Professor Francesca Gino from Harvard Business School has been researching this area for over a decade, and she identifies that those who unleash their Rebel Talents have higher levels of innovation and perform better in both their work and life. 

Francesca identifies the five talents as: novelty, curiosity, perspective, diversity, and authenticity.

She has observed that while working with major corporations and businesses around the world, the organisations and leadership teams who demonstrate inefficiencies, all have one thing in common.  They all have the same answer to one question!

Chances are you’ve probably heard this answer many times yourself! “But we’ve always done it that way”. 

This decrepit way of thinking, breeds habitual, thoughtless routine, that has no commitment for creativity, curiosity or boosting levels of innovation.  


It’s not rebels that make trouble, but trouble that makes rebels!

Ruth Messinger


As Ruth Messinger, former American political leader, and unleasher of her Rebel Talents states, it’s trouble that makes rebels. 

A person who unleashes their Rebel Talents, stands up for what they believe in with integrity. They exert their professionalism and stay committed to a cause bigger than themselves. They are not a trouble maker they ARE a reframer of the BS. They are a status quo buster and they are a glass ceiling destroyer. 

All of these talents are carried out with the utmost self-awareness, self-regulation and commitment to uphold the intention of being effective, creative, and innovative!

Go on, unleash YOUR Rebel Talents!

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