What You Must Evade To Free Yourself Of The Imposter Syndrome Persona

What You Must Evade To Free Yourself Of The Imposter Syndrome Persona

What You Must Evade To Free Yourself Of The Imposter Syndrome Persona

How did you go with last week’s article?

Did it touch a chord?

Did it resonate?

Did it clash or collide?

Fantastic – we cannot shift out of imposter syndrome by staying in the same place, by staying in our comfort zone!

13 things to avoid if you are serious…

about getting rid of of imposter syndrome. We investigated the first 7 last week.


#8 Justification ego – we justify all the time; too young, too old, not enough experience, too much experience, I only have, I don’t have… We justify failures, we justify our decisions, we justify everything. This is holding us back and linked to excuses. Don’t use ourselves, our gender, our abilities, our disabilities, our race, our kids… as a way to justify things.

#9 Jealous ego – we make up stories about them and want to be like them, rather than being ourselves. We are jealous of their success and judge them for it and compare ourselves to them. This holds us back even more.

#10 Fake ego – our instant reaction is what we ‘think’ we ‘should’ be doing. We put on a mask of fakeness because we’re scared to let people see the real us. Scared to show who we are inside because we think we’re not good enough. This is NOT true – you HAVE to be YOU. Everyone else is taken. 

#11 Shy ego – oh “but I’m an introvert, I can’t do that. I don’t like speaking up”. “This is who I am, I can’t change it”. We make excuses about what we don’t have, instead of finding a way on working on what we do have! We can overcome shyness, I have, Christine has. Don’t let this hold you back!

#12 Other people’s opinion ego – we worry what ‘they’ will think or say. You know it’s the right thing to do, but let other people’s opinions stop you doing it. It might be family, relatives, colleagues, managers, social media… others. STOP worrying about them, and do your thing!

#13 Do it yourself ego – If you want something done right, you have to ‘do it yourself’. You don’t trust ‘them’ to do it, and you want to control everything so you keep doing it yourself ALL THE TIME. Control freak-itis. This is exhausting and holds you back.

This last one is the most common ego. It leads us into professing we are a ‘perfectionist’ which goes hand in hand with ‘procrastination’. Because we want to “do it right”. Because we have a fear of making a mistake, so we set ourselves up with all the judgement, excuses, fakeness, shyness that we can muster.

How many of the 13 egos do you struggle with today?  If you say none of them, then this is the BIGGEST ego. 

We all have them, we can all develop the skills to bust through them, so they don’t hold us back. So they don’t keep us playing small and not achieving the incredible greatness of who EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU ‘BE’!

Now is the time to bust through these. To STOP the label in its track, here today.

Don’t jump into one of the egos and make an excuse.

We can totally support you through this transformation.

As I said last week – we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t let you know about our programs that transform people’s lives. People JUST LIKE YOU!!

Christine and I were there once as well, and have learned to conquer these egos, to dial them down so they don’t hold us back. We have learned to FREE ourselves, and you can too!

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