What Are The Secret Killers Of Motivation And Time.

What Are The Secret Killers Of Motivation And Time.

What Are The Secret Killers Of Motivation And Time.

This month we are exploring the secret killers of motivation and time. The reality of silo thinking, isolation and lack of support in our workplaces. We will explore how we can understand this more and most importantly, what we can do to turn this around.

In one recent article, the problem of silo thinking was reported as a concern by 70% of professionals and executives. A common problem in many workplaces and professions and one that erodes motivation, trust and the perception of time.

In one of the presentations at the Authentic leadership summit last week, Dr Amber Tichenor shared her research around female rivalry “minimizing another so they both feel small, smaller than they really are…”. She is so impassioned about this topic, that she has even written a book about the subject titled: Behind Frenemy lines: Rising Above Female Rivalry to Be Unstoppable Together. These behaviours are not exclusive to women, are often seen within workplaces where the stakes are high, competition for a small pot of money is strong, and the overall acceptable systems within the profession are based on antiquated processes and beliefs. You can get access to the REPLAYS HERE.

To this end, we can ALL benefit from thinking more about how our words, behaviours, actions and lack of action, influence others around us in the workplace. 

Do we withhold information because we don’t quite trust what the others will do with it, do we say one thing and then do another, do we support someone to their face, but then reverse this when in the company of others?

Abhorrent behaviours that none of us want to be called on, however these behaviours are common, and we are all guilty to some extent of having done them at some stage in our careers.

This is not about blame, shame, judgement or guilt, this is about calling out these types of behaviours in ourselves and within the team, so that we can embrace more diversity, create psychological safety (“the level of how secure someone is in the setting, in regard to their ability to truly be themselves”) and foster more supportive work environments based on trust.

Of course, there is such a thing as healthy competition which enhances our performance and we achieve more together, however having the self-awareness and team awareness of when this level of competition crosses the line from being healthy to unhealthy, is vital!

So how do we get rid of these silos, whether we are “in the office” or “working from home”?

👉 Recognise that it’s happening and the impact it has on people’s mental health, productivity and trust of each other.

👉 Create your ‘WHY’ with the team. Why do each one of you do what you do? 

👉 Identify the individual strengths of each member of the team. Not limitations and weakness, STRENGTHS!

👉 Be open and transparent with communication. Model effective listening and sharing of information in a timely manner.

👉 Deal with the laggers, the uncooperative, the bullies, the underhand sly comments, INSTANTLY. 

If you want to have a team built on trust, then they must TRUST that the leader will instantly deal with any problems, and follow through!

Silo thinking is a toxin that seeps into the team and destroys it from the inside out. Be aware, recognise this when it’s happening, call it out and take step by step action to turn it around.

Your teams will thank you, your bottom line with celebrate, your life will be more fun, and you will reap the rewards, 10 fold! 

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