Ultimate Careers Occur When You Are Your Ultimate Self!

Ultimate Careers Occur When You Are Your Ultimate Self!

Ultimate Careers Occur When You Are Your Ultimate Self!

You Are Not What You Do. You Are Who You BE! 

If you have thoughts of a promotion, earning more money, strengthening your position in your career or other ideas of career progression, the vital first step is to work on who you BE! Not what you need to do. 

Think of it this way:  you want to progress to the next level or further up the ladder. Some great questions to ask yourself are; who do I need to BE for that role? What does the ideal person look like, sound like, behave like? How does that person show up every day? Who is that person when things are not going well? Who is that person when things are in flow and gaining momentum? 

And the crucial question: ‘Can I BE that person right now?’ 

More often than not, the answer will be ‘No’. I didn’t ask if you have the right qualifications or skills, number of years’ experience or the right notations on your CV!!!

The question is Who Do You Need To BE? 


Do you have the confidence to back yourself in all situations in that role? Can you carry out effective courageous conversations when required? Can you have the ability to inspire your entire team? Can you have the ability to set boundaries when required? Can you know what it takes to cultivate a high performing team? Can you have the self-awareness required to lead a team with authenticity? Can you set a psychologically safe environment to bring out all your team’s strengths? Can you embrace and support diversity of skills and strengths in your team?

What is your purpose and intention for this career progression? Are you driven to achieve for a bigger purpose? Does this progression take you closer to your why/purpose/quest in LIFE? 

To answer these questions authentically, honestly and truthfully, YOU must develop yourself first. 

Any progression in life begins on the inside. It’s not about qualifications, knowledge, or skills. Anyone can gain, enhance or learn those. It’s your inner capacity to understand, to take action, follow through and implement those attributes to bolster who you BE that counts. 

Career development is actually an inside job, not an outside one. And the key here is that most workplaces only look to increase an individual’s qualifications, knowledge and skill. They are not looking to enhance who you BE!

Just Be

When you BE more confident, more self-aware, are able to self-regulate, engage in courageous conversations, set boundaries to bring out the best in yourself and others, and BE your best self every day, it has a huge positive ripple effect on your career. 

That’s YOUR mandate! When you BE the person who progresses, goes to the next level, leads like a champion and is the ultimate version of themselves, that’s when the magic happens.  

When you invest from the inside out, that’s when the massive positive changes will happen for you in your career and life. Enhancing, strengthening and bolstering who you BE in all of life is the crucial component to experiencing the ultimate career and life! 

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