Take A Stand Even If It’s Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Take A Stand Even If It’s Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Take A Stand Even If It’s Outside Your Comfort Zone!

Taking a stand for something is one of the most rewarding and powerful actions you will ever engage in!

Remember, if you want to stand for something, then you cannot stand for everything. You cannot keep going along with the status quo, pleasing everyone or feeling like you have to shrink to fit in, just because it’s easier. If you want to truly stand for something you will need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and into the success zone.  

To really take a stand you must embrace challenging conversations, you must engage in tricky decision making, and you must be willing to stick your neck out when it counts.

This is your opportunity to stand up for those things that trigger you. Those things that make your blood boil when you hear or see them. Those things that you know you can make a difference in, when you exert your expertise, energy, or power. 

These are the moments you commit to and take a stand. 

Stand Firm

Think of this:

Would you want someone to step up and take a stand for you, if you were in a bit of a predicament? YES of course! 

  • What if you were facing the wrath of someone, you would want someone to step up and take a stand for you, right? 
  • What if you know that something isn’t right and the impact of continuing the behaviours/ actions will cause harm, you’d take a stand right? 

The most important thing about taking a stand is the follow through. The action taking. The commitment to making a difference. Whether that difference is for one person at a time or a whole population. It is time to take a stand and follow through with action. 

When we know what our values are and what we stand for, we trust ourselves and others on a much deeper level. 

  • Standing for something enables us to set clearer boundaries. 
  • Standing for something provides a pathway forward with meaning and purpose. 
  • Standing for something enables us to cultivate a life that aligns with who we truly are!

If you ignore your own values, or do not pay attention to that voice inside us that says, ‘say something, do something now’, then you will experience regret, guilt, blame, shame, or judgement. 

If you allow other people to dictate who, what, where, when, why and how in your life, you will be unhappy, stressed, and experience a great deal of difficulty and chaos.   

The List

Take a moment right here, right now and write down 5 things that you STAND FOR (not against). 

Complete the following sentence; I stand for…







The things you are willing to give your all for. The things you are willing to invest all your courage in. The things that have you feeling heartful/self-ful. The things you are really passionate about. Examples of what people are willing to take a stand for: justice, integrity, fun, follow through.

Be known for taking a stand for your values, for taking action when things really matter, even if that feel uncomfortable at first. Anchor yourself to what you stand for every step of the way, and never let it go, no matter what!

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