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  • Discovery Coaching Session

    A one-off Discovery Coaching session to explore the top three challenges you are having in your Authentic Leadership of yourself or others. Develop a blueprint for how you can strengthen your leadership skills. If you are stuck on how to move through a particular area in your career or leadership, a one-on-one targeted session can get you started to create…
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  • Massive Action Plan

    We’re here to get results
    Creating a simple Massive Action Plan – ready for you to implement straight away!

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  • Supercharge Your Leadership

    Reveal the Authentic Leader within! WALT Institute have designed this program for people in STEMM to develop Authentic Leadership skills, confidence, and clarity, to lead themselves and others with power and strength.  It includes online modules, individual and group coaching, and a three-day face-to-face intensive. Authentic Leaders will integrate these characteristics to flourish and thrive in all areas of life…
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  • Boost Your Resilience BOOTCAMP

    A 21-day online program to give you strategies strengthen your resilience, understand your response to adversity and be able to bounce forward (not just back) following set-backs. Delivered through online coaching, live videos, resources and more. Authentic Resilience is not just the ability to bounce back to where we were, but the ability to bounce forward to a whole new…
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  • Stress Recovery BOOTCAMP

    This BOOTCAMP is a 21-day online intensive providing life changing tactics and strategies to tame the beast of stress and manage BUSYNESS more effectively. These are delivered through online coaching, live videos, training and more. This Stress Recovery BOOTCAMP will provide you with the tools to get on top of the negative stress spiral to flip it around faster! Work…
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    Clarity Coaching Session

    Step into your own Authentic Power and discover some amazing personalised strategies that you can implement immediately! Get clarity and certainty for what you can do next in life and career to become an Authentic Leader of yourself and others.   This one-on-one online coaching session is tailored just for YOU!
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    Monthly Package

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  • The R.E.A.L. Program

    Become the Resilient Empowered Authentic Leader that you are destined to be! 6- module online trainings to give you the foundations of Authentic Leadership and how you can begin discovering your true potential in leading yourself and others.
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