Reverse The Drain & Lack Of Motivation With Inspiration & Innovation

Reverse The Drain & Lack Of Motivation With Inspiration & Innovation

Reverse The Drain & Lack Of Motivation With Inspiration & Innovation

The past two years have left its mark, and many workplaces are expecting us to just get over it, and get back to work. 

Get “back to normal”. Get back to producing the papers, the research, the course content, the successful grant applications, the reports, the outputs… with little recognition or perception of how to deal with the fallout of exhaustion we are feeling as individuals, families, workplaces and communities.

We CANNOT go “back” to how things were, because they will never be the same again.

This month we are focussing on Inspiration – Innovation – Authenticity, which is the theme of the Authentic Leadership Summit for STEMM that we are hosting.

The summit is NOT for those with a job title or status of manager, team leader, supervisor only, this summit IS for everyone in STEMM who is feeling exhausted, drained, tired, overwhelmed, spread too thin, exasperated, and depleted.

So how can we keep going?  How can we keep showing up? How can we get through the day and feel like we have achieved something and that something is actually a momentous achievement, considering the demands, challenges and constant pressures, many of us are feeling?

This is WHY we have created this summit. 

This is WHY we have collected 18 inspiring, amazing, and incredible people in their fields, who can show us a glimpse of how to be inspired in a different way. 

How to become more innovative in the simple, timely methods of making tiny tweaks in what we do each day, so that we can maintain our balance, and maintain or recalibrate our equilibrium that has been rocked to the core over the past few years.

Last month we talked a lot about rejection. The constant, repetition and wearing down of being given a NO. ‘No’ to a job we had our heart set on, ‘no’ to getting our children back to school easily, ‘no’ to returning to normality, ‘no’ to getting grant funding, ‘no’ to getting that paper published, and within each of these rejections, more drain on our energy, our motivation and our productivity.

You are not alone. Come together with this incredible summit offering. The profits are being gifted to the amazing Nawa Asha Griha Foundation helping feed and educate street children in Nepal. The school’s latest teacher is a robotics teacher – supporting and growing the next generation of people in STEMM.

Be part of this excitement. Be part of this inspiration. Be part of the innovative ways so you can find your way back from the last two years. Find your mojo, find your motivation find your balance and come through the tough stuff, together with the support of others in the global community of leaders in STEMM.

Invest in your balance, invest in your inspiration, invest in your future to find a different way. Sign into any ONE or all of these sessions. You will not be disappointed, AND you get access to ALL the replays to fit into your busy schedule, and watch the 30-minute replay at a time that suits you.

Come join us HERE, to be inspired, get back your mojo, and discover innovative and new authentic ways to be your awesome self!

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