Perfect Inaction versus Imperfect Action

Perfect Inaction versus Imperfect Action

Perfect Inaction versus Imperfect Action

Many people we work with are self-professed perfectionists. Some admit it, and others try to hide it.

What happens in these moments of holding onto this statement of “I’m a perfectionist”, is we set ourselves up to not achieve, to stay stuck and not complete, to procrastinate and continue the cycle of disappointing self. Our lack of progression is because the things we attempt, do not reach the mark of being “perfect”, and therefore we often find ourselves impotent to even start.

The I’m a… statements are usually our beliefs and can range from ‘I’m a fighter’, to ‘I always love a challenge’, to ‘I’m a procrastinator’ and many more.

What we think, becomes our reality.

These statements are indicative of our beliefs about ourselves and set us up to either grow, stagnate or die. It’s that simple.

I know that for me (Elizabeth), I want to keep growing in every aspect of my life, not because I am not good enough, not because I’m broken and need fixing, but because there are always opportunities to become more authentically me, and contribute more to enhance that meaning beyond self.

When I grow and develop personally (this is not about knowledge expansion) then I open up limitless possibilities for myself and the others that I lead.


The key to becoming more authentic and leading YOURSELF first and then others in whatever situation you are in, is to reframe the statements, change this limiting story or belief, and take a leap of action forward!

When we recognise a belief we have, we are then empowered to begin questioning the thoughts that have created this belief. This is not about ‘analysis paralysis’ (another limiting mindset) but about making a decision today that will change the outcome and my life tomorrow!

Taking imperfect action is often the kryptonite belief of the self-confessed perfectionists. “I cannot do anything unless it’s perfect” and therefore, they take no action.


you allow yourself to ease up a little, stop the BS that holds you back from achieving greatness and by doing this, experience the ripple effect on those that you guide, lead or mentor which begins a cascade of awesomeness.
People will feel more confident to do things that are outside of their comfort zone, they will feel more confident to make mistakes and through that, experience invaluable learning opportunities that can be life changing (If you allow that learning!).

Imperfect Action.

It begins with YOU and your thoughts.

Through the ‘simple’ act of questioning a thought and changing a past belief, you release yourself to a whole new level of Authenticity, strength and personal power. Take Imperfect Action.

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