Learn How To Build Unlimited Confidence And Crush Self Doubt

Learn How To Build Unlimited Confidence And Crush Self Doubt

Learn How To Build Unlimited Confidence And Crush Self Doubt


a moment of self-doubt?

negative thoughts about yourself?

times of not believing in yourself?


I (Christine) want to give you the solution to these struggles!


One of the reasons I’ve gone and built up all these techniques and tools and why I share them with so many people now, is because I’ve had and still do, have moments of self-doubt. We all do and if someone says they don’t, they are lying. 


In my hockey career, my academic career, my business career, my speaking and coaching career, hell even writing my first book, my self-doubt crept in!

We find ourselves asking: am I enough, am I good enough, do I deserve this, is this something that is part of my destiny, should I be doing this?


The problem is, the most chaotic and disturbing things we can experience as human beings are; doubting ourselves, discouraging ourselves, and engaging in negative self-talk. 


You can’t win when you doubt and you can’t win when you are discouraged. 


I promised I’d provide you with the solution and here it is…

Build Something BIGGER Than Your Self-Doubt!


You don’t overcome self-doubt; you build something bigger than it! 


You may be asking, so what do I build that is bigger than self-doubt?


Your Self-Confidence


As your self-confidence gets bigger and stronger, the self-doubt gets less. It diminishes and therefore the impact it can have on you, dwindles away.


The 3 Practises To Build Bigger Self-Confidence!

1  Keep the promises you make to yourself. Do the things you tell yourself you are going to do. Celebrate the wins you have, celebrate the moments of keeping those promises. What is one promise you are going to make with yourself, that you can begin right now?


2  Scratch the negative thoughts you have. Like the CD, scratch the CD with a key so it disrupts the music and it is no longer recognisable. Next time you have a negative thought about yourself – Scratch it! 

3  YOU are what and Who YOU say you are. You are not what other people say you are! You are not your accomplishments and you are certainly not your possessions. Do not let others dictate who you are and what you can accomplish. You are who YOU say you are. 


Self-confidence is an internal game! That means YOU get to say what happens in your life. 


Build yourself up from the inside out. Cultivate the promises to yourself that bring out the best in you. Scratch the negative thoughts right outta your mind, and remember:


You were born for greatness and you were born Happy! GO BE IT! 

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