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Learn how to Expand your Skills, Enrich your Mindset, and Strengthen your Actions from the Best in The World!

If you Want to Become a More Empowered Authentic Individual in the World of STEMM, then Join our Exclusive Community.

Learn how to perform at your best in your life and career.

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What is the Inner Circle?

This exclusive membership site offers you incredible value to enrich your learning and expand your thinking to become a more Authentic individual in the world of STEMM!

Members receive:

– Monthly, LIVE coaching from the WALT Institute team and high performance coaches
– Instant access to our library of resources which includes hand selected videos, files, and articles from our best trainers
– Training videos from our skilled mentors
– Exclusive access to past presentations and coaching sessions for personal development and application of learning

Every single month we’re doing live training that provide exclusive tips on how to develop your Authentic Leadership to greater heights. The Inner Circle membership program provides resources, coaching, interviews, training and more, to enhance your Authentic Leadership mastery.

If you want to achieve:

  • Expansion
    To expand your skills as an Authentic Leader in life and career
  • Learning
    To make learning accessible for people on the go
  • Growth
    To recognise and cultivate personal strengths to achieve career goals
  • Community
    To create an authentic, resilient community
  • Enrichment
    To enrich a community of like-minded thinkers and action takers
  • Infinite Mindset
    To boost your infinite mindset principles and achieve success
  • Strength
    To provide you with instant access to relevant material that will strengthen your Authentic Leadership

The Inner Circle Exclusive Membership community is for YOU!

Questions or Concerns

As soon as you click on the link and set up your membership. You will receive access instructions to enter the community.

Your ongoing payments will automatically come out at the cycle you select (i.e. monthly or yearly) until you say otherwise.

Change this in your personal account information or email us at info@waltinstitute.com with the subject line: Inner Circle Payment Changes

This can be done in your personal profile under cancellation.  Please remember that you need to give us 30 days notices and cancellation will take effect after that.

Yes we do – you will be the first to be notified of these!

Yes!  You will receive 10% discount on all programs and products through being an exclusive member of the Inner Circle. Look out for the “discount voucher codes”.

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