How To Transform Your State of Mind to Achieve Fulfilment

How To Transform Your State of Mind to Achieve Fulfilment

How To Transform Your State of Mind to Achieve Fulfilment

What does every successful person have in common that has helped them get where they are today? 

The answer: 

Not money. Not special talents or skills. IT’S THEIR MINDSET AND ACTION-TAKING ABILITY!

The successful person doesn’t let negative experiences and events that are beyond their control, affect their state of mind. Instead, they are aware that their mindset, creates their world, and they get to choose it. 

Now you may be aware of Fixed and Growth mindsets in the work presented by Prof Carol Dweck. Or the concepts of Finite and Infinite Mindsets by James Carse, later expanded on by Simon Sinek.  There are many theories that we can refer to when it comes to cultivating a successful mindset. 

The key to living a fulfilled life is Awareness and Action!


We cannot stay in the theory of a concept and expect to live a life of fulfilment. We must think about the thoughts that serve us, feel the emotions that serve us AND perform the actions that serve us. 

Harsh truth:                                                                                                                                                               

The reason most people stay stuck and stay suffering is that they don’t have the guts to make tough decisions and follow through with positive action. They don’t want to be seen, disproved of, or thought of as indecisive, so they make no decision and take no action at all.

This is the difference between the person who is living a fulfilling life and the rest. The successful person will think, decide and act. It is their mindset that is key. 

Having control over your mindset and following through with action is the one thing that will separate you from the herd. When you are able to go from feeling freaked out, frustrated, or scared to feeling centred, determined and focussed. That’s when you know you have control over your mindset. 


What does it take to gain control of your mindset?

  • Challenge your limiting beliefs – question those beliefs and stories that you keep telling yourself. Those stories that hold us back, the labels we hold onto, the things we keep telling ourselves to stay comfortable. Stay in inquiry and just question them.
  • Face your fears – front up to the destructive emotion of fear, recognise it, embrace it, and realise what it is that you’re afraid of. Then you can choose to approach events and situations as neutral and watch life take a massive change for good.
  • Be open to shifting your perspective – “nothing has any meaning except the meaning we give it”. Do you see obstacles or opportunities? Do you see tough or neutral? Open your mind to differences rather than being rigid and life will hold wonderful new possibilities.
  • Change your self-talk – the things you say to yourself creates what you focus on. If your thoughts and self-talk is negative you will focus on the negativity that surrounds you. If you focus on the optimistic approach to life then you will create opportunities; you will focus on possibilities. “What you focus on you get more of”!
  • Gain support – we don’t know what we don’t know! When you have that person alongside you who is able to question and challenge you in a way that supports your growth, that is when the magic happens.

When you are able to gain control of your mindset and temper your thoughts, you will come from and a space of empowering emotions and follow through with authentic action. 

Life is full of unknowns, uncertainties, ups and downs, and when we transform our mindset and follow through with action, our life becomes so much more fulfilling.  

Create your most fulfilling life possible, and learn how to Master Your Emotions, it’s the least you can do for yourself!

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