How To Thrive When It Feels Like Everything Is Against You

How To Thrive When It Feels Like Everything Is Against You

How To Thrive When It Feels Like Everything Is Against You

We’re surrounded by negativity. Whether we see it on social media, read about it in the newspapers, hear it around our friends and family, or overhear it from work colleagues. It’s everywhere!!!  

The negativity drains us, brings us down, and consumes us! It’s easy to feel like everything is against us. 

Our productivity and mood take an immense blow when we are surrounded by negativity. Our productivity decreases, we tend to shut down and stop communicating and our aggressive and dysfunctional thoughts increase. This adds up to a very negative disposition.

When we allow these volatile behaviours to continue and control us, there is NO WAY we can thrive! 

While it may feel like nothing good can come of these negative circumstances, the truth is that challenging times are providing us with the seed of opportunity to actually Thrive, if we choose!

So, what can we do to THRIVE when it feels like everything is against us?

The first step is to stop blaming others for things that are happening in our lives. We MUST take total ownership and responsibility of our decisions and actions. 

Let me tell you this: You are where you are right here, right now in life, because of every decision and action you have ever made. 

The second step is to face up to your fears. Face them head-on. Do not think you can bypass them by ignoring them, going round them, under them, or running in the opposite direction. FACE YOUR FEARS head-on!  

It is then vital that you ask yourself this question: What is this information telling me?  

Face up to and take action to work through your fears. 

‘We can feel our fears and take action anyway. That’s what it means to thrive, not survive.’                 

~ Tony Robbins ~

And, the third step is to choose to focus on your purpose and vision. Remember, where your focus goes, energy flows. If you focus on the things you can’t control, you’ll feel stressed, depressed and overwhelmed. When you focus on what you can control, like your purpose, and your vision, you will magnify your self-esteem, you will intensify your self-respect and you will Thrive and not just survive!

You may not be able to escape all of the negativity in your life right now, but you can resist its toxic infiltration to manipulate you and deter the feeling that everything is against you.  

When we make choices that serve us, formulate decisions that empower us, and take action to face up to our fears, WE WILL THRIVE!

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