How To Stop Being The Person You Are Not

How To Stop Being The Person You Are Not

How To Stop Being The Person You Are Not

How often do you say Yes, when you really want to say No?

How often do you do what other people want, rather than following your own desires, values and beliefs?

How often do you think something and then not say it because, you are scared you will not be heard or have your idea squashed?

Often, we feel we must follow what others are doing in an organisation or group because we believe there is an unwritten rule. The rule that apparently says, “to get to the top or to get promotions I must do this”. Or we believe that we will only be accepted into the workplace culture if we act a certain way. 

Or we think that certain titles, roles, or positions have authority over us, so therefore we must follow the unwritten rules. 

Any of these resonate with you? 

YES, I bet they do. 

This is a definite sign that you are thinking you need to hide who you really are. A definite sign that you think you need to stay in the box. A definite sign that you are being someone you are not. 


Many people renege on the courage, commitment and resilience that it takes to be their true Authentic Self. Some people decide that it’s easier to stay in the crap, the people pleasing, the fitting into someone else’s box, or maintaining the status quo because the unknown of being their true Authentic Self seems too scary, hard and uncomfortable to contend with. 

When you BE your true Authentic Self life is much easier! 

When you are self-aware, self-regulate and share your true Authentic message, life flows with ease. 

Being your true Authentic Self takes courage. Being your true Authentic Self takes commitment. Being your true Authentic Self takes resilience. 

And it’s worth every challenge along the way! 

This is where you get to BE your whole self in every situation. Yes, you might decrease, tone down, self-regulate, or adjust the intensity or the amplification of your traits and characteristics in various situations. However, YOU are still BE-ing your true Authentic Self. 

Be You

When you action the following strategies every single day, your life will change for the better:

1)  Be driven every day from who you BE on the inside. Let go of what you do, your status, qualifications, all that external stuff. Look inside yourself. See yourself for the value you add in this world. Who are YOU?!

2) Love yourself for who you BE. If you can’t love yourself why would anyone else want to? Yes, harsh and true! You must love yourself whole heartedly. Love yourself for all your foibles, shortcomings and imperfections. Love yourself for all your strengths, talents and superpowers. 

3) Practice BE-ing YOU. Yes, you must practice BE-ing your true self. It’s easy to go back to our old ways and be the person everyone else wants us to be. But, that’s no fun and definitely not good for us. You must consciously practice BE-ing you. 

When you jump out of the other person’s box, take back the remote control of your own life and draw the line in the sand and say “I am BE-ing my true Authentic Self from here forward” you will feel empowered. You will feel liberated. You will experience a life with ease, fun and success!  

As Oscar Wilde said: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”. 

We would love to celebrate your moments of BE-ing YOU.

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