How To Shift Your Mindset And Come Together As A Force For Good

How To Shift Your Mindset And Come Together As A Force For Good

How To Shift Your Mindset And Come Together As A Force For Good

This week we had the privilege of working with over 115 people in a hybrid event, face-to-face and online.

What a delight to be with people in 3D. To be able to listen in a different way, share knowledge using all modalities, and even have a few hugs! 

One of the big things that came up for people was the drain they were feeling from certain decisions being made in the organisation, the size of the organisation which made it difficult to work together, and the differences that were occurring across the organisation that were driven by ‘how things have worked in the past’. 

When gaining feedback from these amazing people at the end of the workshop, many identified the information that was most valuable to them was “we are more powerful as a group”, “physiology can have a big impact on how I feel”, “where your focus goes, energy flows”, “you are responsible for the energy you bring”, to name a few.

One of the most talked about strategies we received was the way we can change our ‘state’. The funk we may be in, the times we feel down, dejected, depressed, isolated or in a place that we think people just don’t care about our work or what we do.

This is your “state” and when we are aware enough to notice what we are feeling in that moment, THEN, we can instigate a strategy to change our state.  We did this in the workshop several ways, that took only 30-60 seconds.

People were amazed at how simple these strategies were, and the huge impact they had on their state in the moment.

Within this month of talking about those moments when we work in isolation, or feel that everyone is stuck in their silo thinking and not opening up to include us, we can still control the controllables.

That is ME; that is YOU!

I get to change my state, and with that, I fling off different endorphins, I feel different things in my body, I gain more clarity, I find a different perspective, and above all, I begin to connect with others in a stronger and more open way.

One of the mottos of this 12-months of training we are doing with this organisation is: “I can do it, you can do it WE can do it”.

Together is the best way to do things. Together is the best way to plan and create. Together is the best way to find more productivity, fulfilment and joy within our work and our personal lives.

Let’s come together, form a movement that is totally looking out for each other in STEMM. That has each other’s back, that trusts each other implicitly, and works in full openness, transparency and Authenticity. This my friends, is where the incredible magic happens and we find the best reasons for being here on this planet today!

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