How To Practice Self-Awareness And Self-Regulation In Leadership

How To Practice Self-Awareness And Self-Regulation In Leadership

How To Practice Self-Awareness And Self-Regulation In Leadership

Self, Self, Self.

We have recently been doing a series of trainings on the self. Self-belief, Self-trust, Self-promotion.

We often feel uncomfortable about focussing on ourself, recognising our accomplishments and shy away from talking ourselves up, promoting our strengths, or letting people know what we are really good at.

This can be done without ego, arrogance, competitiveness or feeling better than or worse than other people. When we are coming from a state of ego we also jump into self-blame, shame, or judgment and this is not a good place to be in or stay stuck in.

There are many ways we can turn this around.

Turn Around

It starts with self-awareness. When we notice our reticence, our discomfort, or we begin to notice that we are feeling competitive with someone, we are halfway there.

Awareness brings change.

With this self-awareness, noticing this is our response to a situation or person, THEN we can self-regulate and change our response.

Hugely empowering. Hugely liberating. Hugely life-changing.

These are some of the incredible things we teach in our 8-week programs, and we are just about to invite people to be part of the next one starting in July (Your Authentic Self-leadership program).

Having the tools to become more self-aware (without beating yourself up), having the tools to self-regulate thoughts, emotions and actions – especially when you are meeting hostility from others, experiencing difficult personalities or situations – is one of the most valuable tools you can have in your toolbox.

Let’s keep this journey going. Let’s instill those incredible strategies so they become habitual and set you up for success in your career, leadership roles and life going forward.


Becoming Authentic in your leadership (this is not about job titles), BE-ing Authentic in your leadership every single day, is achievable, doable and just so freaking amazing, we want to share these tools and skills with everyone!!

Curious about how this can happen for you?  Book a call with us now and find out (no sales pressure) if we are a good fit to develop these skills together with you!

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