How To Master Your Mental Toughness In Life And Career

How To Master Your Mental Toughness In Life And Career

How To Master Your Mental Toughness In Life And Career

This month we are delving into what it takes to consistently perform under pressure, not give up, be confident and victorious even when it feels like the odds are stacked against you!  

What does it take, you might ask? 


Throughout this month we will be examining what mental toughness is, how you can increase it, and the importance of constructing a mindset that is based on being mentally tough. 

Mental toughness ISN’T about being all macho, uncaring, and self-centered! 

Mental toughness IS about:

👉 being emotionally and mentally strong enough to keep going
👉 knowing when to push harder and when to ease up
👉 feeling confident to keep going no matter what and
👉 being comfortable in your own skin and taking things in your stride

And the super mentally tough person will enjoy everything about the challenge. 

Mental toughness is also referred to as emotional strength, GRIT, or responding resiliently to a situation. To be mentally tough is having the ability to focus on your long-term goals, remain present in the face of adversity, let go of what you cannot control, consistently control the controllables and maintain high levels of self-belief. 

WARNING… you cannot magically think your way to becoming mentally tough!

Mental toughness is like a muscle – you must keep working on it, developing it, and maintaining it. 

Too often we think that mental toughness is about how we respond to an extreme event. That’s only part of it. In the one-off extreme event, we also exert courage, perseverance, bravery, and resilience. 

Mental toughness is also about ongoing consistency. Mentally tough people don’t have to be more courageous, more talented, or more intelligent – just more consistent. Mentally tough people are able to keep going through thick and thin and focus on what counts. They are not side-tracked by shiny objects or discouraged by obstacles or failure.  

Mental toughness is knowing when to push harder or ease off. Understanding what will serve you in the long-run. It is not about instant gratification or the quick wins. It is about recognising the long-term outcome and working towards it. Sometimes to go far in the long-run we must ease off today, notice the emotions that come up for us, and regulate them effectively. 

Mental toughness will propel you forward to accomplish more in your life and career with less stress, less hardship, more clarity, more consistency, and more energy in your tank. 

It all begins and ends with your mentally tough mindset. 

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