How To Make It Over The Finish Line

How To Make It Over The Finish Line

Getting to the end. Limping to the finish line. Being disengaged. Feeling exhausted. Winding down.

All states of how many of us feel this year. It’s been a tough one that’s for sure. No-one can deny that truth, anywhere on the planet.

How do we keep going all the way through and OVER the finish line with some level of strength? With some perspective of setting ourselves up to keep going, and bounce forward?

I (Elizabeth) always remember the number 1 rule of running – do not stop until OVER the line. Run through the line, walk through the line, limp through the line. Do not stop until OVER the line. 

Women running together

That line for me is 31st December 2020. Where my brain gets to reset for another year. I am not one of those people who writes the year off as ‘bad’.  There have so many precious and amazing moments that I have experienced this year and as I reflect at this time. I am also reminded of my amazing strengths that have got me through. Those things that show up again and again and those which I can celebrate for building throughout my life in the tough times. You have these too! We all do!! However, sometimes we forget to recognise them or use them with intention.

The other thing that keeps me going is the adage that there is always more in the tank. David Goggins (ex-navy seal and ultra-distance runner) refers to this as the 40% rule.  When we think we are spent, totally all done, and have nothing left at all – we need to know this. 

We are at 40 % and there is always more in the tank! 

We just need to tap into our reserves.  We all have them. We can switch on the reserve tank! 

Yes, we still have to keep topping it up with good things, gratitude, connections with others, celebrating the great moments every day, however we all have the reserve tank we can tap into, even when we feel like there is absolutely nothing left!

These two things have kept me going at many moments in my life, this year and even on this very day when I am writing this and with what I am working through. Some sad news of a loved one breathing their last breaths and due to Covid, unable to be there as international.

We all have tough stuff. Those things that knock us sideways, and the things that just keep mounting and mounting. No-one is immune, BUT we all have the capacity to switch on the reserve tank, to keep limping, staggering or getting the next burst of energy even, till we get over the finish line. 

Imagine if you have people either side of you, who are supporting you, walking with you holding you up to get over the line! When we engage our strategies, ask for help and have supportive people around us, we can get over that line with purpose and determination. There is always more!

Overflowing water

I am nothing special. A person who had struggled, learned, developed, grown and taken action. A person who has made mistakes, crumbled, been strong, pulled on the learnings from the past and set a focussed vision for the future. If I can do this, you can too!

Dig into your reserves, ask for help, and keep going, because you CAN!

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