How To Ignite A Cutting-Edge Communication Approach For Success

How To Ignite A Cutting-Edge Communication Approach For Success

How To Ignite A Cutting-Edge Communication Approach For Success

The most important skill to have in STEMM to progress your career, to have influence, to inspire your colleagues with impact, and to cultivate success within your teams is to master ‘Effective Authentic Communication’! 

This month we are focussing on the topic area of Communication. This is not your usual “communication” information or training either! Communication is a massive topic and we are going to bring it to you with a cutting-edge, radical approach so you can do it differently. Bring it to you in a way that you will gain the edge with your communication and stand out from the status quo.

By the way, as many of you will know, communication isn’t just the words you say or the content you type on a page or email. It is so much more!

Effective communication has the power to resolve conflicts, transfer information with clarity, improve understanding and ultimately strengthen relationships!

Pretty powerful tool to master. When you are mastering effective authentic communication, you will progress your career and life so much faster and further.

Have you ever had that moment when you were sure you clearly stated your information and the person still didn’t understand what you were saying? Or that time when you sent an email just enquiring about something and the person took it the wrong way? Or that time when you stood up and delivered your presentation that you were sure clarified all the key points and then you were told that it was confusing or off track? Or maybe, you just aren’t sure why you are never listened to or heard?  

Even if you believe you are good communicator, chances are you’ve been in situations where no matter what you said or how clear you thought you were, your message just wasn’t received the way you intended and there was a disconnect between you and your audience. 

Was it something you said? Was it something didn’t say?

Maybe it was neither. 

You see, as human beings we are not naturally wired to communicate with every individual we meet. We all have different perspectives, values, beliefs, and various experiences that impact our filter of how we send and receive communication. 

The good news here is that when we implement Effective Authentic Communication we can adapt to the situation and interact with people on a much deeper level.  

The key area of effective Authentic communication to master FIRST is… listening. Yes, to communicate we must first listen. And before you say ‘yeah, yeah of course’, answer me this, ‘do you listen to listen or do you listen to answer?’ 

Listening to listen is one of the key differences between those who accomplish greatness and those who stay within the realms of mediocracy. 

When we listen deeply, are present in the moment and are really wanting to hear the person we are with, then we will gain so much more in that moment and be able to respond with sincerity, integrity and transparency. 

Deep listening, helps us to form a rapport with the person and then empowers us to respond in such a way that is specific to our intention for the interaction, and aligned with our values and beliefs. This is not about just replying for the sake of it or saying what you think they want to hear – that my friends is inauthentic and helps no-one! 

In that moment when we listen to listen, and respond in a way that is aligned with who we truly be and connected to what we have really heard, then we are communicating from a space of Authenticity. 

Remember effective Authentic communication is a massive topic and this is just the beginning.  Mastering your ability to listen to listen, is the ultimate key component that will have a massive, influential impact on your progress in career and life. 

To gain the edge in your career, you must have the ability to stand out from the noise in the realms of mediocracy. 

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people with similar qualifications and experiences as you. But sets you apart from them? What makes the difference? How do you consistently communicate your difference, to gain the cutting-edge?  

Stay tuned this month to ignite your cutting-edge communication approach for success in your career and life. 

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