How To Embrace The Friction In The System!

How To Embrace The Friction In The System!

How To Embrace The Friction In The System!

Without friction, we stagnate.

We become static in our thinking, our creation and our innovation. If we remain in a frictionless environment we are consenting to a way of living that is passive, apathetic, and unresponsive. Some might say ‘a state of inertia’.

In this state of being friction free, we often accept and take the easy options because we do not want to cause a scene. We do not want to go against the group. We do not want to rock the boat. We want to be accepted. We want to be the ‘nice’ person.

We often look for the easy route or the pathway with least resistance. Because somehow we believe, we will accomplish enough and we can remain comfortable.

We dislike pain. We loathe feeling awkward. We avoid embarrassment at all costs. We really struggle not having all the answers. We have an aversion for being around other people who have different opinions to us.

Looking, searching, yearning for the route with less friction diminishes our sense of who we truly are. This passive journey dampens down our zest for life and erodes our sense of accountability, and our drive for achievement.

  • Point of friction: When you remain passive, apathetic, or indifferent are you causing yourself internal friction?
  • Point of friction:  Is this need to be friction free hurting YOU mentally and emotionally?

Friction generates clarity

In order to advance ourselves we need more friction in our lives, not less. We need to question ourselves, question our environment, the people and the status quo. Now I’m not saying we need to about face and turn to anarchy. I am saying that to advance our thinking, our ways of being and our future, we need to engage in the friction. We need to be challenged and we need to challenge the friction in our life.

If you are willing to face up to the friction in your life you will begin to understand your thoughts, your feelings, your emotional state and what drives you to be the best version of yourself.

Friction is a powerful positive force.

Friction is an opportunity for growth. You can shut it out or embrace it. You can run from it or seek to understand it. You can avoid it or be inspired to change because of it.

When we approach life in this way we become more open minded. We get to enjoy more of life’s opportunities. Friction is a catalyst for stronger collaborations. A pathway for innovative progression and a monumental detonator for motion.

A diamond doesn’t become weak when it is polished with friction. It becomes more refined, more beautiful. Because of friction, the whole world gets to see its true Authenticity, shine.

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