How To Cultivate Your Best Life By Design, Not Default

How To Cultivate Your Best Life By Design, Not Default

How To Cultivate Your Best Life By Design, Not Default

This month we are examining the nitty gritty of what it takes to design your life consciously, purposefully, and intentionally

YES, you can design and live your life, on your terms! 

Want to know HOW? Jump on in… 

We find at this time of year people are reflecting on their experiences so far and also beginning to plan and look forward to next year. We want to share with you some key components to help you set up the new year so you can live by design – consciously, purposefully, and intentionally – not by default!  

Living a life by design is about being proactive and participating fully in our own life (not letting others dictate or drive it). This includes taking action with full awareness that our decisions shape our destiny. When we live by design, WE are the ones who decide what we focus on, what we think, and what we do, rather than have our focus and actions pushed or pulled by others onto what they want. 

We are the captain of our ship, the author of our book, and the creator of our own destiny… if we want to choose this.

Living by design is also about following our passion, investing in those things that bring out the best in us, and take action on our priorities. 

Now before you say that’s not possible, you don’t know what I have to deal with, I don’t have time, I can’t do that… 

Remember, you are where you are in life right now because of every decision you have ever made! 

Living consciously, purposefully, and intentionally requires us as individuals, to let go of all our excuses! Those statements that hold us back, those one-liners we repeatedly say that quash us.

We MUST empower and allow ourselves to be free of these statements and dream up a life we would really love to have. If we cannot imagine it, it does not exist. 

Therefore, for anything to exist, we must first allow our innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness, to dream it up. 

A conscious, purposeful, and intentional day is one where we have a strong sense of our priorities and don’t get pulled off track, distracted by meaningless tasks, or swayed by others’ priorities. 

We do not allow our fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) to drive us to play small and be controlled by someone or something else. When we consciously cultivate and design our life, we have a clear focus, are enthusiastic to learn from our mistakes, implement those things that bring out the best in us, and set ourselves up to be successful and accomplish our dreams.

Living a conscious, purposeful, and intentional life will have life happening FOR you not TO you!

If you are ready to gain effective strategies to help you cultivate your best life by design, not default, then click HERE and join us in our 4-week course.

Design and live your life, on your terms! 

Christine and Elizabeth 

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