How To Be The Director Of Your Career And Life

How To Be The Director Of Your Career And Life

How To Be The Director Of Your Career And Life

What you focus on you get more of.

What you focus on intensifies your experience.

Are you focussing on the good stuff, asking yourself how can I, what would it take to enhance my current situation? OR…

Are you focusing on the bad stuff, the things that keep happening to you, and asking yourself why does this keep happening, why am I not getting a break here?

Focus is about what you feed your mind on, what you constantly look at, talk about, listen to and read. This focus then creates the pathway of how you experience life.

If you want to change where your career or life is going, if you want a different direction or outcome, then you need to change your focus.

To change our focus, we need to change the things we do. To change the things we do, we need to change our feelings. To change our feelings, we need to change our thoughts.


When we notice what we are thinking in the moment, we are more likely to tap into our emotions that have been created from the thought, and this in turn creates the ability for us to choose to take action or not.

For example, if we had a situation where someone gave us feedback about our performance and we interpreted this as criticism, our thoughts (they don’t like what I did, I did it wrong, I’m such a failure at this) creates the emotions (hopelessness, despondency, blame) and is likely to lead to inaction, or a repeat action of playing small and not speaking up next time.

When we focus on the internal story we have created, of I’m not good enough, or I’m always wrong, we look for other examples that confirm this story. Again, we are getting more of what we are focusing on, even though it is uncomfortable and we don’t like it.

You get to decide what thoughts and beliefs you will allow into your life. You can be the director of your life. This is NOT dependent on the situation or external people or factors. You get to choose who you be in every moment, and who you want to focus on becoming.

Be Confident

So, stop allowing yourself to be hijacked by external things.

  • Get rid of the phone being constantly in your field of view – You get to choose when you engage with your phone, other people do not dictate this to you.
  • Practice having quiet, screen-free spaces and times – You get to choose the extent of time you spend on a screen, no one else does this for you, no matter how much you think your boss might.
  • Be the master of your environment – You get to choose when you move, stand up, stretch, go outside and breath in the air. No-one else does. Physical movement creates balance for you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is not a nice to do it is a MUST!

What you focus on you get more of! To create the life you want, the career you want and the opportunities you desire, you need to focus on these things consciously, intentionally and purposefully. Then, you will set yourself up to take action and powerfully direct your future.

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