How To BE More Than Your Title, Role Or Status!

How To BE More Than Your Title, Role Or Status!

How To BE More Than Your Title, Role Or Status!

Being Authentic is about who you BE, not what you do.

What does this mean?

For generations, we have been indoctrinated by the importance of status, what job we have, what role or title we have, the level of our income and the type of place we live in.

Is this really what matters?  Isn’t this more about perception which differs across each individual, striving for things that could be taken away in a blink of an eye, or engaging in egotistical competitions with others to see who “wins”?

Fake Faces

What really matters is how we show up every day. 

In whatever role we have, paid or unpaid, promoted or unpromoted, visible or not visible.

We are ALL equal as humans if we choose this, OR we can choose to set others on a pedestal, maintain the guru complex and constantly give away our own personal power to “them”.


When we are aligned with our purpose of why we are here on this planet, when we know what our ends goals are (not means goals), when we have reflected on what truly matters for meaning beyond ourselves and invested in and recalibrated our actions with these understandings, THEN we are being authentically ourselves and embracing who we be.


Ask yourself:

  • What state or energy do I show up in each day (exhausted and disinterested or vibrant and curious)?
  • What strengths do I engage every day?
  • Do I bring out the best in others?
  • Do I celebrate other’s successes without jealousy or guilt?
  • Do I feel threatened by other people’s ‘wins’?

If you are self-aware and have the ability to self-regulate your responses to ANY situation that arises each day, then you are well on the way to BE-ing an authentic leader of yourself and others. 

Go on, take you power back and become Authentically YOU!

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