How To Activate Your Agency To Boost Action

How To Activate Your Agency To Boost Action

How To Activate Your Agency To Boost Action

What stops me from taking action?

Over the past two months I (Elizabeth) have experienced two major roadblocks in my life.  One in our business and one in my personal life.

These can take their toll on us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and can stop the momentum of us taking action in the right direction, if we let them.

What I have learned over the past few testing weeks has been incredible. I have learned to hone my skills even further in relation to recognising the temporary situation as it truly is – many aspects of each of these roadblocks totally sucked. They were situations beyond my control in so many ways. I could either dive in and expend all of my time, focus and energy onto the problems that occurred, (and thereby rendering myself impotent to any further action in the direction I chose) or I could regulate the investment of my time, focus and energy to use my agency and keep the momentum going.

Agency is when I see myself as a contributor to my life and not about my life being a product of the circumstances that occur. I invest my time, focus and energy into the self-belief that I CAN find a way through the obstacles, that I CAN keep going no matter how tough it is at this particular moment, and that ‘they’ will not define me.

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Some people have said to me, I don’t know how you stay motivated to keep going – motivation is a ‘CHOICE’ not a feeling. I set myself up to BE each day and then do.

Others have said – why don’t you “FIGHT” this? I choose not to invest my time, focus and energy into fighting. I choose to turn my gaze onto the goals and tasks that I want more of.

There have even been times when I felt like just giving up on my goals and waving the white flag of truce! 

I now recognise when these roadblocks appear, they are just about resistance. That inner thing that shows up when I am a little scared of change, where I am uncertain I have the goods to actually take the next step or what it takes to make it work.

What I have learned is to become aware of my responses much more quickly and celebrate this resistance. It shows up when we are on the verge of creating a whole new level of greatness. I am progressing and my reptilian brain goes into startle mode and wants to hold me back and keep me safe.

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There is nothing right or wrong in recognising these situations.  There is nothing right or wrong in finding ourselves floundering from time to time. 

What if… it just is. Things are showing up at the exact perfect time because we are now ready to become aware of it, and allow the space and time in our heads for the solution to arise.

What I have learned is that I don’t need to push so hard, I can ease off, allow the situation to just be, and then choose my next course of action through activating my powerfully strong mechanism of agency.

You absolutely can too!

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