How Optimism Creates Successful And Effective Leaders!

How Optimism Creates Successful And Effective Leaders!

How Optimism Creates Successful And Effective Leaders!

The fourth component of H.E.R.O. is Optimism. This is the key ingredient to unleashing your Hope, self-Efficacy, and Resilience. Optimism is having the view on life that everything is rigged in your favour.

When we view life with an optimistic approach, we believe that good things will happen for us now, and in the future. This is not some Pollyanna approach of being ‘happy clappy’ and frivolous. This is a true, deep seated belief and knowing that things will work out well for us in the future, regardless of the current circumstances we are in.

The mental attitude of Optimism can be enhanced and strengthened. This is not some magic aptitude that you either have or do not have, it can be grown and developed. And said like the true optimist that I am (Christine) – there is always a way to develop your optimistic view on life, no matter what is happening around you. 

In today’s ever-changing world of unknowns, it is vital to bolster your Optimism. In fact, it is stated by many of the top leaders around the world that Optimism is THE most important career tool to develop, have, and intensify given the abundance of setbacks and unknowns we face on a daily basis.

Glass Half-Full

Optimists don’t just see the glass as half full. They know it is, they believe it is and they also enjoy many health benefits because of this belief. An optimist will experience less ill health, they have a reduced risk of severe or chronic dis-ease, they sleep better, they are able to work through problems much quicker and they will smile a great deal more than the average person – sparking off all the ‘happy chemicals’, increasing serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. 

We are not talking about having some unrealistic approach to life problems here, because what does ‘being realistic’ actually mean? What I might think is a realistic way to handle a situation may be something you do not agree with. And therefore, we have an imbalance straight away. 

Optimism is something you must intentionally, purposefully and consciously practice every single day. It is a way of life. Even the most avid pessimist can learn to reframe the doubt and negativity in their life and turn it around to Optimism.

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