Dr Elizabeth Pritchard

My Story...

I Am Enough!
Born on a farm in Taranaki, New Zealand, the youngest of nine. From never fitting in, bullied at school, sexually abused as a child, to needing to prove she was worthy to be on this planet. Elizabeth's story shows how anyone can triumph over adversity, deep pain and limiting beliefs, to rise up and step into their own power with authenticity. Fast forward three decades a career as an occupational therapist, a researcher and Leadership coach, she nailed her PhD in three years through Monash University.

Elizabeth is a published author in international academic journals and Thrive Global. Presented at international conferences, she is a recognised keynote speaker, coach and facilitator. Elizabeth is the Co-Founder of WALT Institute and renowned for her ability to empower women in STEMM to believe they are enough! To stand out from the crowd, believe in themselves, accomplish greatness and find a way forward, because you are worth it!