Do You Want To Be A Great Leader? Then Lead Yourself First!

Do You Want To Be A Great Leader? Then Lead Yourself First!

Do You Want To Be A Great Leader? Then Lead Yourself First!

We know that great leadership can create miracle-like results. 

The Great Authentic Leaders can drastically boost an organisation’s funding for scientific research projects, solve a global problem, and nurture their staff beyond their own level of skill and expertise.

A Great Authentic Leader is effective, not because of their job title but because of an Authentic Leadership mindset.

This is the final week in a series of managing and leading people.

Authentic Leadership, is a mindset we can consciously, purposefully and intentionally embrace, in any situation. When we see each moment as an opportunity to lead, this will propel us forward at a faster pace with more impact and greater potential. 

Too often people say ‘it’s not in my JD’, ‘that’s above my pay scale’, ‘my work is meaningless in the scheme of things’. 

The beauty of Authentic Leadership is it doesn’t depend on the external situation. Authentic Leadership is an ‘inside job’ (just like the state of happiness). No-one can dictate to us what state we will show up in. We choose this for ourselves. 

We have a right, an opportunity and if we choose a commitment to ourselves to lead every single day, no matter what the situation. 

 What does it take to be a Great Authentic Leader of yourself first?

👉Take control of YOUR thoughts – The first thing that initiates us to feel and act is our thoughts! It all starts with a thought. Notice your thoughts. The Great Authentic Leaders have optimistic, empowering thoughts. Choose wisely.

👉Embrace initiative in every situation – Initiative leads to advancement, always! Don’t wait to be told what to, how to do it, when to do it. Be the person who demonstrates creativity, thinks outside the box, is on the cutting edge, does the menial tasks because they matter! 

👉Prioritise what really matters – What we prioritise, gets done! A Great Authentic Leader will prioritise their own life first. They will make time and space to reflect on their own life and then prioritise what really matters. They are willing to sacrifice their own personal agenda for what really matters to the team.  

👉Intensify personal growth – To enjoy consistent success we must work on conquering our fears, our limiting beliefs, and change our negative stories. To succeed in our career and life we must be willing to shed our old identity and let go of anything in life that no longer serves us. The best antidote to getting stuck and feeling disempowered is prioritising our own personal growth!

The key to being a Great Authentic Leader is grabbing each and every moment, embracing it with true authenticity and consciously, purposefully and intentionally up-levelling to a mindset that propels us forward at a faster pace with more impact and greater potential!

Lead yourself with integrity and authenticity and others will follow you to the ends of the earth! 

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