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About the Program

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Our next Supercharge Your Leadership starts 21 September 2020

If you are supervising students, managing a project, heading a team, heading up a lab, a supervisor or a manager, then this program is for YOU!

WALT Institute have designed this program for people in STEMM to develop Authentic Leadership skills, confidence, and clarity, to lead themselves and others with power and strength. It includes online modules, individual and group coaching, and a three-day face-to-face intensive.

Grounded in positive psychology, the science of happiness and subjective well-being, we coach and train skilled professionals to release their untapped potential. Using an Authentic Leadership approach, we promote self-awareness, self-regulation, social intelligence, and transparency. These characteristics enhance positive psychological capital and cultivate a growth mindset. Higher psychological capital creates greater self-awareness, and an increased ability to self-regulate and promote an efficacious presence across all levels of the organisation.

Through online training, 6-modules of foundational principles to complete at your own pace, weekly Q&A sessions, a three day face-to-face intensive in a small group of up to 10 people, and join the community of like-minded people growing their Authentic Leadership practice to a whole new level!

Authentic Leaders will integrate these characteristics to flourish and thrive in all areas of life and career.

Aims of the Program

  •  Authentic Leadership
    To develop the skills of being an Authentic Leader to apply in life and career
  • Self-efficacy
    To empower individuals to lead with confidence, resilience, determination and curiosity
  • Personal strengths
    To recognise and cultivate personal innate strengths to achieve career goals
  • Psychological Capital
    To understand the essential components of Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism and how they relate being a more effective leader
  • Effective communication
    To enrich communication skills to bring out the best in self and others
  • Mindset
    To enhance growth mindset principles to achieve higher levels of success in your career

Expected Outcomes

• Ability to lead from a personal strengths base
• More effective team work
• High levels of internal motivation, creativity and productivity
• Deeper levels of Authentic resilience to bounce forward following adversity
• More effective boundary making
• More confidence to step into own personal power
• Decreased stress
• More energy at the end of the day
• Demonstrate the intricacies of a Growth Mindset (opportunities, optimism, transparency)
• Understanding of personal values and alignment with current roles
• Methods to influence others for success

Don't miss the transformation of your Leadership

Grow, stretch, learn, implement
and become an Authentic Leader.
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