Innovative Authentic Leadership Assessment

About the Assessment

To develop Authentic Leadership principles within organisations and companies, we first need to assess the current status.
We complete a half-day organisational needs assessment through short interviews and use of validated assessment scales with management and staff. We conduct 10 -15minute interviews with delegated individuals to identify their perspectives on:
• Self-awareness
• Self-regulation
• Psychological capital (Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, Optimism)
• Agency

A cross section of employees will be interviewed with 5-6 people in each category (depending on organisation size) including:
• Executives
• Middle management (team/ division leaders, supervisors etc)
• Early-mid career researchers
• PhD candidates

Upon completion of the assessment (interviews and scores from the validated scales), there will be a presentation to management to report our conclusions and recommendations. This will include strategies on how the gaps may be resolved, with an ongoing training and development plan.

Aims of the Assessment

  • Complete a needs assessment
    To identify the needs, requirements and gaps in Authentic Leadership skills as identified from a cross section of staff and completion of validation Authentic Leadership scales, within the organisation
  • Strengths analysis
    To explore the current areas of strength within the organisation
  • Analysis of current engagement, resilience, and psychological capital
    To determine the level of engagement the staff have with the leadership practices, he amount of resilience present within the organisation, and the level of psychological capital currently displayed by individuals.

Expected outcomes

To provide a clearly defined plan to resolve the gaps, working towards stronger alignment of individuals to the organisation’s values and vision, higher levels of innovation and creativity and a more resilient workforce.

Authentically led teams have elevated recognition as the leader in their field, increased opportunities to secure funding, higher recognition of being an innovative and empowering place to work.

Don't miss the opportunity to accurately access your company's Authentic Leadership possibilities.

Employees who lead with authenticity will cultivate a more resilient,
innovative, creative, loyal, recognised, and productive organisation.
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