Inner Circle Membership Program

About the Program

This exclusive membership site offers you incredible value to become the Authentic Leader and release your untapped potential.

IF YOU ARE a person looking to make an impact on the world...

IF YOU ARE serious about making changes to how you lead yourself and others...

IF YOU LOVE learning new strategies that work...

IF YOU LOVE putting knowledge into action, discovering the secrets of Authentic Leadership, cultivating higher levels of resilience, finding higher levels of self-confidence and more...

Then the Inner Circle Exclusive Membership community is for YOU! Members receive:

- Monthly, LIVE coaching from the WALT Institute team and high performance coaches
- Instant access to our library of resources which includes hand selected videos, files, and articles from our best trainers
- Training videos from our skilled mentors
- Exclusive access to past presentations and coaching sessions for personal development and application of learning
- Notification of all upcoming events and first option to register

Inner Circle Exclusive Membership program provides all the resources you need to accomplish your ongoing Authentic Leadership development.

Aims of the Program

  • Expansion
    To expand your skills as an Authentic Leader in life and career
  • Learning
    To make learning accessible for people on the go
  • Growth
    To recognise and cultivate personal strengths to achieve career goals
  • Community
    To create an authentic, resilient community
  • Enrichment
    To enrich a community of like-minded thinkers and action takers
  • Boosting
    To boost your infinite mindset principles and achieve success
  • Strengthen
    To provide you with instant access to relevant material that will strengthen your Authentic Leadership

Are You...

Ready to take ACTION?

Inner Circle provides you with the opportunity to connect with a community of innovative thinkers.

There is no minimum monthly commitment. We just ask that you give us 30 days notice if you want to leave the monthly program.

Don't miss the opportunity for transformation!

Learn the skills to grow your authentic Leadership,
To stand in your own Authentic POWER!
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