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About the Program

A 21-day online program to give you strategies strengthen your resilience, understand your response to adversity and be able to bounce forward (not just back) following set-backs.

We all experience set-backs, adversity and at times trauma. But how do we get through these ties without them crushing us or our spirit?

Authentic Resilience is not just the ability to bounce back to where we were, but the ability to bounce forward to a whole new place and space. Its about igniting our Hope, Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism in a purposeful and meaningful way.

We cannot control the situation but we can control our response.


Time investment:

15- 30 minutes a day, online coaching webinar 60 minutes each Saturday

Daily strategies, short live videos, online coaching, supportive community, weekly LIVE coaching webinar, access to resources and more. (Testimonials - see below)

NEXT program Starts 15 June 2020

Aims of the Program

  •  Strengthen your Authentic resilience
    This is not just bouncing BACK to where you were before, it is bouncing forward to a better place and space.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset during times of adversity
    We can look at situations that happen in life as happening to us or for us – this depends on our mindset.
  • Set and achieve active goals following set-backs
    We often stay stuck in the story of the ‘thing’ that happened and find it hard to move forward – there is a way!
  • Instigate a plan to control the controllables
    When we have clarity around the effective strategies that can make a difference, we will develop an effective and simple plan to more forward.
  • Develop a future oriented strategy to regain productivity
    A solution focused methods to build your Authentic resilience.

Skills required

Online program - can be undertaken from anywhere across the globe.
Bring your curiosity, openness, desire to make a change and move forward.
Successful people take immediate action.
You can too!

Testimonials from our last BOOTCAMP:

“DO IT! You will learn strategies that you can carry and use with you for life! Christine and Elizabeth are awesome mentors who live the strategies they’re teaching – thats the kind of teachers you want.

Thi Nguyen PhD Candidate, Australia


“I learnt so many strategies that can be used together. I can see things that make me feel good or bad now, before I didn’t really have the awareness, I just blindly did some things that helped and others that sabotaged.”

Sarah Charnaud Post Doc Scientist, Sweden


“Your life will never be the same once you truly learn to recognise your emotional, physical and mental responses to challenges. There’s a HUGE difference between “putting up a wall” during stressful times, and actually recognising and taking control over your responses to stress. If you are the sort of person to “put up walls”, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the approaches instructed by Christine and Elizabeth instead!”

Amy Wooldridge Post Doc Fellow, Canada


“I am so much better at accepting the situation/s as is, recognising the emotions it brings and letting it go. I have learned how to put the negative thoughts on the shelf, being kinder to myself and believing in myself.”

Dr Kiymet Bozaoglu, Research Fellow, Melbourne

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and bounce forward from set-backs.
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