Conquer The Challenges And Action The Advantages!

Conquer The Challenges And Action The Advantages!

Conquer The Challenges And Action The Advantages!

Change Takes Action!

Do you want to conquer the challenges in your life? I’m sure you have said a resounding YES.

Whether those challenges are in your personal life, your work life, your family life, or any other life, you want to conquer them, right? You want positive change in the process, positive change in the system. You want things to be simpler. You want things to be better than they are currently.

When you keep focussing on those things you want to change, but do not take action the negative thoughts get stronger. The thoughts may become consuming of you, your time, your life. It’s easier to stay stuck. You are thinking so much about what you want you have analysed the challenges intensely and are now so confused that you do not know where to go next.


The truth is – You are not taking action. You may feel stuck or confused, but you choose to keep thinking about ‘the challenge’ and be inactive. You choose to remain in the same thought process, the same situation, the same routines and the same habits that got you into this state in the first place. You stay here because it is comfortable. You stay here because it is familiar. You stay here because you fear the future unknown.

The current situation might seem uncomfortable but your perception of changing or doing something differently, is just too hard.

Tough call? Harsh words? No, just the truth.

Many people want change to occur, but they don’t want to put in the effort to make change happen.

Many people want to improve their situation, but they don’t want to experience the discomfort to get there.

Many people talk about change, but they don’t take the action required to create it.

Many people do not change, or conquer their challenges, not because they can’t do it, but because it’s easier not too. They choose to be comfortably uncomfortable. It’s easier to feel in control of a repeating painful or awkward situation, than to face the unknown.


Ask Yourself These Questions:

The Important question here is: Are you willing to take action to conquer those challenges?

The Ultimate question here is: Are you committed to do whatever it takes to conquer those challenges?

Taking massive action in our lives requires change. Change in our routines, change in our daily activities and change in our attitude, mindset, and thought processes.

Beware: When we think in new ways and take action that are aligned with our priorities, things happen.

That little voice in our head starts to say: No don’t put yourself out there, you’ll stand out. No stay here, this is comfortable.  No don’t go there, there are too many risks. No don’t change, you’ll only embarrass yourself. No you can’t do that, you’re not good enough.

Harsh and negative thoughts, but we say these to ourselves all the time. They get in our heads, create the negative stories, and stop us from conquering the challenges.

To conquer our challenges, we must action our advantages, and take consistent daily action that is aligned with our priorities. If you want to make change happen (for yourself, your organisation or team) you must elicit action. This action must be different from our past actions, because we want different outcomes.


Client story:

Even though I have accomplished many things in my research career, negative thoughts are still there and they come and go. I even feel (not always, but sometimes) embarrassed to say that I have a PhD. My negative thoughts get in the way of my work; presenting, getting my ideas out there, working with others in my team. But with your help, I have explored this in more depth. I have changed what I think. I have adjusted what I say to myself and now I take action instead of staying stuck and overanalysing and self-blaming.

“It is good to think that I do not have to stay stuck. I am in a different place now”.

Through taking action – you can conquer the challenges and action the advantages of your true authentic self!

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