Creating Calm Within The Current Global Storm

Creating Calm Within The Current Global Storm

Creating Calm Within The Current Global Storm

The most common response to the current pandemic across the globe is confusion, lack of clarity and instability. We are all unsure of what is going to happen. How will this affect me, the people I live with, my roles, and my career?

This confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty, creates worry, anxiety, distress and long-term dis-ease. We need to ask ourselves some important questions:

How do you…

want to impact the world during this time of uncertainty? How much do you want to maintain the real Authentic you, during this time? How much do you want to continue your learning and growth? How much do you want to impact the lives of others, with your contribution in the world of STEM?

What would it take to show up every day at your best, set yourself up with daily routines that positively impact your health, regardless of the unstable landscape?

We need to acknowledge that many of these unprecedented changes are beyond our control, and will impact out outputs, emotional responses and productivity. We need to allow this time of adjustment and initially ease up on ourselves and our teams.

However, we also need to understand that there are many options within our control. Our daily routines; when we get up, what we wear, when we eat and drink, who we connect with (through technology), when we move, when we sit, what we feed our minds, when we go to sleep. Rebuilding effective habits and routines in the new normal are an essential part of controlling the things that are controllable. What are you focusing on for the future?

This storm WILL end

We can’t use it as an excuse to become frantic, or take our hands off, and give up. If you are not consciously participating in how you are showing up in this moment, then your vision will dissipate and be full of obstacles.

If you are attentive and determined to make this work, then you will maintain your focus on the end point (post pandemic), maintain your health, maintain the habits and routines that work to support your performance as an Authentic Leader.

It doesn’t matter if the face-to-face interactions have been replaced with technology. It doesn’t matter if the environment is now your home. It doesn’t matter that you now have additional people in your space that you have to care for or work around.

The New Normal

This IS your new normal and we need to be flexible, adaptable and adjust to the different spaces, responsibilities, demands and routines with eagerness and excellence.

When we modify and maintain flexibility in our response, regardless of the situation, we are demonstrating resilience. Resilience to change, adapt, be flexible, ease up on ourselves, embrace the unknowns and be AUTHENTIC.

This is how you WILL get through the turmoil and create the calm within the current global storm.

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