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Teamwork typically dominates much of the work that occurs in organisations. The expectations to attend meetings and collaborate with key stakeholders, can consume about 80% of our working day. Since we spend so much of our time working in groups, then developing teams is vital. We need to know how to improve team dynamics and team performance.

There are many challenges to working in teams. The key theme intertwined across all of these challenges is our ability to connect with others and the connect with the work environment. Teams fail when connections fail.

Humans are wired for connection.
• Individuals crave the feeling of belonging.
• Individuals aspire to be a part of something bigger than themselves.
• Individuals will give more when they feel appreciated.
• Individuals will thrive and flourish when the environment they work in is one that cultivates growth, happiness and authenticity.

Christine Burns is the CEO and Co-Founder of WALT Institute. As a former elite athlete in hockey for New Zealand, she has over 20 years of coaching, sport psychology and performance expertise which she brings to the arena of Authentic Leadership.

You can be the best version of yourself every single day!

How Coaching Can Benefit You

Experience confidence to perform at your best.
If you are serious about releasing YOUR optimal potential, you need to focus on developing the team around you. To build strong connections, be open and honest with each other, and step into your Authentic Self - then you will rock your workplace with Authenticity!

Step Into Your Own Authentic Power

and lead from a place of Authentic truth
There are often underlying beliefs that are stopping us from living and leading Authentically. These may be: it is so hard for me to get what I want; people aren’t supporting what I am trying to do; or they just don’t understand how hard I’m pushing.

These thoughts and beliefs are part of being dis-empowered. These patterns of thought and action keep us stuck and reduce our opportunities. Thinking this way creates roadblocks in our progress; diminishes our self-confidence and compromises empowerment. We become blinded and unable to expand our gaze or consider that we could experience career and life with ease and grace.

Recognising these thoughts and beliefs is the first step to making positive change. Allowing ourselves to believe we deserve the good stuff means we are stepping into our power. This involves accepting where you are at right now, and taking the realistic steps to move in the direction we desire.

When you turn around the unsupportive mindset and limiting beliefs about ourselves and others, believe we deserve to experience the good stuff, we can become our Authentic Empowered Self.

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard is Director and Co-Founder of WALT Institute and brings over 20 years of coaching and training expertise to Authentic Leadership development.

You can be the best version of yourself every single day!

How Coaching Can Benefit You

Experience confidence to perform at your best.
There are people out there who deserve to benefit from your knowledge, skills, abilities and capabilities. Magnify your self-confidence with positive self-talk, use the edginess of your anxiety to perform at your BEST and be courageous in your quest to become an Empowered Authentic Leader.